UiPath Studio Web Series

 What is UiPath Studio Web Series? 

The UiPath Studio Web Series 2024 is an information series that will provide you with the fundamental basics of UiPath Studio Web Services. Experts will guide participants through eight sessions to give you a general understanding of this product and how to use it. Longer introductory webinar sessions will be held on March 11 and 12 to introduce you to the UiPath Studio Web and six follow-on shorter sessions will highlight different aspects of the product and allow you to ask questions.

Benefits of UiPath Studio Web: 

You can access UiPath Studio Web  from any operating system, it requires no installation, it has no IT dependencies, and it is always up to date.

UiPath Studio Web enables you to build and test cross-platform automations across online business apps and services.

Studio Web is easy to use, you don't need programming skills to build automations, and multiple templates are available to get you started.

Automations created in Studio Web are cross-platform, they run on serverless robots that are already provisioned for you, but they can also run on Windows, Mac, or Linux robots.

Who should attend? 

Aspiring and practicing Working Professionals, Consultants, Solution Architects, Product Managers, and aspiring and practicing Automation Developers.


Understanding the benefits that UiPath Studio Web Service can provide to your organization will help you:


How many sessions are there? 

The Studio Web Series has eight sessions, starting on March 11, 2024.


 Upcoming events

March 11: workshop 1

  Introduction to UiPath Studio Web and its significance in automation. Explore the key features and benefits that make it a game-changer.


March 12: workshop 2

 Dive into more complex automation tasks and elevate your data handling skills with UiPath Studio Web.


March 13: workshop 3

Explore the world of web scraping with UiPath Studio Web. Extract valuable data from Sales Opportunities and integrate it into a Google Spreadsheet. 

March 14: workshop 4

Dive into tasks involving string operations, including length checks, substring extraction, handling last letters, and executing replace functions. 

March 18: workshop 5

 Immerse yourself in real-world data retrieval by finding the temperature of selected cities and recording the results in a spreadsheet.  


March 19: workshop 6

Dive into the essentials of PDF activities in UiPath Studio Web. Consolidate all PDF-related activities, covering data extraction, extracting images. 


March 20: workshop 7

Explore robust strategies such as Try-Catch, Finally, Retry, and Throw to ensure your automation is resilient and recovers from unexpected errors. 


March 21: workshop 8

We will focus on advanced email automation. Learn to extract emails to a spreadsheet and send emails to other addresses with attachments.