UiPath Community MVP

The Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is the highest recognition that we offer to our community members for their outstanding contribution, innovation, and evangelism shown in the larger automation community. 


UiPath MVPs are drivers in building the UiPath Community and supporting other RPA developers to enhance their skills.

Empowering women in tech, working with youth, evangelizing RPA, providing feedback to shape UiPath product roadmap, while growing their professional experience, network, and exposure. 

About the program

The UiPath Community Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are passionate robotic process automation (RPA) experts who choose to learn and spread knowledge in the community. Playing with edge technologies to showcase the most exciting new features in RPA. Constantly engaged and with a deep knowledge of the UiPath continuously changing products to shape real solutions.   

The MVP Circle brings together technical experts across all regions to be bold in imagining new features, fast in adopting new technologies, humble in listening to the voice of the community, and immersed in developing the automation space. Driven by boundless energy, MVPs are true RPA evangelists in the UiPath ecosystem. They simply love what they do. 


MVP benefits


  • Receive free individual licenses (on top of the community edition)
  • Be part of product leadership feedback sessions
  • Pitch ideas in front of UiPath leaders
  • Get early access to product roadmap and opportunity to influence and shape the vision
  • Be invited in the UiPath Community product bootcamp
  • Access to the discounted UiPath Certified Professional exams

Professional Growth

  • Enjoy the social media coverage
  • Develop your personal brand through speaking and media opportunities 
  • Receive community toolkits, playbooks and access to www.community.uipath.com for building and scaling your own communities 
  • Share your knowledge with all the other MVPs, community, and UiPath leaders
  • Get access to an exclusive global network of experts (MVP Club) 



Other perks

  • Get MVP branded swag 
  • Receive digital assets for media coverage
  • Enjoy express access to UiPath and other events  


What are the criteria for becoming a UiPath MVP?

Technical Expertise 

  • Minimum 2 years of UiPath experience. 
  • Expertise in using at least one of the UiPath products.  
  • Overall understanding of the UiPath automation platform. 
  • Articulated feedback and vision for further use and product development. 
  • Proven track record of implementation.
  • Refer to the below table for criteria for various categories

* A person with exceptional contribution to community and technical expertise, having less than 2-year experience may be considered for the title by the UiPath Community team. If you consider yourself in this category, please reach out to the Regional Community Manager.

Contribution to Community 

  • Contribute to the UiPath Forum (solutions, help new users, be engaged, contribute) 
  • Publish components and review content in the Marketplace 
  • Speaker in UiPath Community (User Group/Meetup/Local events) 
  • Lead local community chapter 
  • Create a tutorial, blog, video, or podcast to help the community 
  • Provide feedback to help influence our product roadmap 
  • Mentor community members  
  • Contribute to UiPath Use Case Repository

Motivation and Vision 

  • A person with a vision for the community—proven intention to continue the contribution in the community.  
  • Availability to plan and vision a reality. 
  • Can do attitude. Ready to act and lead the way. Bold and fast in taking initiative. 
  • Humble in the approach and way of caring for the others in the community. 
  • Immersed in developing further the automation space, always at the frontier of what is possible. 


 Applications closed currently 

MVP Award Technology Structure

Candidates should have strong acumen on the below mentioned tools, features & practices to become an MVP for the respective categories.

  Core RPA​ (RPA Developers)   Core RPA​ (Citizen Developers)
Studio & Orchestrator​ Studio & Robot​ Apps StudioX
  • Long running workflows
  • API Triggers / Integration Service​
  • Cloud Robots - Serverless
  • Cloud Robots - VM
  • Monitoring​
  • Automation Ops​
  • Reusability​
  • Unattended Templates​
  • Triggers​
  • APIs​
  • UiPath Cloud SaaS​
  • Access Management​
  • License management​
  • Robot, process, jobs​
  • Modern folder​
  • Auditing​

* Focus on building CoE quality unattended automation, templates and best practices.

Qualifier: Imagine you're part of a CoE that needs to optimize order to cash, insurance claims, etc. processes and you only got approval from IT dept. for unattended robots.

*Administration of Orchestrator Infra is out of scope from this category​

  • Robot.Js SDK​
  • Forms​
  • Apps​
  • Desktop Triggers​
  • Attended Cross platform automation​
  • Attended Templates

​* Focus on building CoE quality attended automation, templates and best practices.

Qualifier: Imagine you're part of a CoE that needs to optimize the efficiency of contact center agents or that helps HR specialists filter CVs.

  • Integration Service​
  • Data Service
  • Queues​
  • Storage buckets​
  • Process​
  • ​StudioX​
  • Assistant​
  • Personal Workspace​
  • Sharing​
  • Object Repo​
  • Desktop and API Triggers​
  • PA Templates

Qualifier: User who plays business roles and automate basic tasks.

Discovery & Optimization​ - Should have knowledge and expertise in the below tools
Automation Hub​ Task Mining & Task Capture​ Process Mining** Insights
  • Idea lifecycles
  • Assessment customizations
  • Automation Store​
  • Open API​
  • Data Model for Insights
  • Report Analysis
  • Process expert workflows​
  • Task patterns
  • End-to-end process Analysis​
  • Discover process gaps and optimize​
  • Discover automation opportunities
  • Data engineering/data transformation
  • Dashboarding/building process apps

** Good to have basic understanding

  • OOTB Insights robot's jobs/process / ROI dashboards​
  • Data models​
  • Create custom dashboard/widgets
Infrastructure & HAA AI Center & Document Understanding + Re:Infer​​** Test Automation​ Governance and Security​
  • Single Node and Multi Node architecture
  • Private and Public Cloud deployment ( Azure, AWS…)​
  • Monitoring tool (Insights, Integration with log management tools etc)​
  • Setup Insights​
  • Load Balancer (LLB, GLB), UiPath HAA
  • CI/CD​
  • VM, VDi
  • Integration with credential vaults​
  • Integration with SAML, SSO, AD
  • Automation Suite deployment​**

** Good to have basic understanding

  • AI Center out-of-box models​
  • Email AI​
  • Build your own model​
  • DU Activities on Studio & Studio Web​
  • DU Public API Services (to come for 22.10)​
  • DU App & Forms AI​
  • Document Manager​
  • DU ML & UiPath Document OCR​
  • DU Unstructured​
** Good to have basic understanding
  • DevOps​
  • Test Suite in Studio​
  • Orchestrator Testing​
  • CI/CD​
  • Test Management​
  • SAP Solution Manager​
  • Testing Activities​
  • Mobile Automation​
  • Automation Ops​
  • Orchestrator​
  • Credential Management​
  • Roles and permissions​
  • Tenant and folder structurer
  • Crowdstrike integration​
  • Azure AD integration​
  • Workflow Analyzer​
  • Best practices​
  • Pipeline Templates
  • Auditing

Qualifier: Imagine you are a CoE lead in a bank and everyone is pushing you "I want this automated/If we automate that, we will save 10 millions etc.". Same time, you know that you have a lot of security, audit standards and laws that you have to adhere to.

                                                                                                                                        Applications closed currently 

We carefully go through each application between October and December. If you fit the profile, you will be invited to an interview with one of the Community Managers. If your profile, motivation, and vision match, you’ll take part in a final roundtable interview with UiPath Product Leaders and other candidates.