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Our mission is to ensure that the benefits of automation technology are available to everyone. We’re focused on helping all professionals grow their skills, careers, and businesses by offering free training, tools, and community support.

It all started back in October of 2016, when we launched the Forum for users of the product to connect with each other. With exponential growth in just a few months, we opened up the Academy courses in April of 2017 for users to learn how to use RPA together for free. With Forum, Academy and UiPath Community Edition download released, we expanded the reach and accessibility of the RPA industry at large.

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Community programs were born to bring together RPA professionals in-person and online to get involved, all under one large ecosystem. With meetups, hackathons, MVPs, Automation Champions, Student Developers, mentorship, partnerships, and events, the community grows bit by bit every day.

Now across 2,000,000+ users, 85+ local chapters, and thousands of reusable components, we are united globally as one of the most engaged communities in automation. With an ever-growing automation industry, the UiPath Community will only continue to grow and grow stronger together. Get locally involved now and reach out to your peers, globally



This is the UiPath Community Team

Reach out to your local community manager to see if you have inquiries about bringing specialized programs into your city:


 Corina Gheonea - Senior Director, Marketing Community

Corina | LinkedIn

Andreea Tomescu - Senior Community Manager - Platforms and Operations

Andreea | LinkedIn


Cristina Vidu - Senior Marketing Community Manager EMEA 

Cristina | LinkedIn

Vibhor Shrivastava - Global Advocacy Director

Vibhor | LinkedIn

  Diana Gray

Diana Gray - AMER Senior Community Manager

Diana | LinkedIn

Oana Chicioroaga - RPA Content Manager

Oana | LinkedIn


Rohit Radhakrishnan - APAC Senior Community Manager

Rohit | LinkedIn

Loredana Ifrim - Community Marketing Manager

Loredana | LinkedIn