UiPath Dev Dives 2024

 What is UiPath Dev Dives? 

UiPath Dev Dives 2024 is a monthly webinar series made for automation developers and tech lovers. It's a hands-on exploration of the latest UiPath capabilities led by UiPath product managers, customers, and evangelists. Each month covers a new tech topic with real-world use cases, live demos, and Q&A sessions. Join Dev Dives 2024 webinars live and learn how to make the most of automation and AI.

Attend Dev Dives 2024 to: 

Explore new automation or AI topic every month 

Benefit from hands-on content and demos (minimum theory!) 

Engage in live chats with UiPath experts and MVPs 

Access automation templates and useful resources 

 Upcoming events

JUNE: Mining your data with

AI-powered Continuous Discovery


JULY: Dev Dives: Boosting Tester Productivity with

Coded Automation and Autopilot


Past events

 MAY: Train smarter, not harder – active learning and UiPath LLMs for document processing 
 APRIL: Streamline document processing with UiPath Studio Web
 MARCH: Master Advanced authentication and performance in Productivity Activities  
 FEBRUARY: Leverage APIs and Gen AI to power automations for RPA and Software Test
January: Fast-track time to value with UiPath Solution Accelerators
Missed Dev Dives 2023? 
We’ve recorded them for you! 

Here’s what attendees say about Dev Dives

"With generative AI being the new kid in town, the session is an extremely timely and, as usual, UiPath is a leader of the pack when it comes to new technologies."

"I liked the live demo, that the session was recorded for future reference, the product demoed, live questions answering, knowledge of the team presenting."

"I really enjoyed learning even more about Studio Web & it was great to hear from someone you can tell has expertise on the product."

Do you have a topic for our next Dev Dives? 

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