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From self-driving cars to robot service at restaurants, this decade has seen more automation than ever. The trend is skyrocketing, and it’s time to get prepared. At UiPathwe are on a mission to enable everyone to learn automation skills for the future! Through the UiPath Student Developer Program, we aim to empower and upskill the student communities with the most sought-after RPA skills. Along with learning technology, students will also get an opportunity to network and hone their leadership skills. 

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Vision of the Program


Forge connection and collaboration of like-minded and passionate students from diverse institutions to exchange ideas and work on projects.


Facilitate learning of process automation related topics by industry experts through trainings and workshops.  


Empower student leaders to unleash their full potential to engage with other students on campus and conduct trainings, hands-on labs and workshops.

Why should you be part of the Program?

According to the report of World Economic Forum 2020, in the next 10 years, 50% of the jobs will be changed by automation and 5% will be obsolete. To adapt to the changing times and be prepared for the digital evolution, the path you take today is vital. As part of this program, you will be able to: 

Develop in-demand RPA skills for a rewarding future. 

Build robotic assistants to work faster and smarter, conduct research more easily, find financial aid or even automate your job hunt. 

Create your start-upwith automation at the core. 

Help university and local communities automate manual processes. 

Gain experience and an edge over your peers. 

UiPath Student Champions

UiPath Student Champions are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and multi-tasking student leaders who lead the UiPath Student Developer communities on their campus. Through this, they empower the fellow students with the skills and connections needed to become automation experts. UiPath Student Champions are also the liaisons between UiPath and their institutions. 

What do UiPath Student Champions do?

Associate – Start a club or work with other technical clubs on campus; 

Build – Empower students and facilitate training on RPA tools; 

Collaborate – Ideate, brainstorm, and participate in competitions along with their teams; 

Develop - Create innovative automation solutions for real-world challenges; 

Engage - with the institution, UiPath, and with other resources. 

What's in it for the Champions?

The journey of a Student Champion starts from August 2021 and goes through June 2022. It will be exciting, fun, rigorous, and rewarding. During this period, the champions will have an opportunity to interact with industry experts, learn about cutting-edge technology, organize fun yet enriching workshops, brainstorm solutions for real-world challenges, and so much more! Key benefits include:  

Access: Get access to the latest tech tools, resources, and knowledge. 

Growth: Grow your network and technical abilities by working with like-minded students from different institutions. 

Mentorship: Get an opportunity to be mentored by the automation experts from the industry, from UiPath employees to UiPath MVPs.  

Not to mention the cool swag you’ll get, too! 


Who should apply?

Are you passionate about technology? Are you keen to learn? Can you walk into a room of strangers and walk out with tons of acquaintances? Do you have the fire in your belly to make a difference to yourself and others?  

An ideal Champion

  • Is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program from a recognized university in India, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka or the Philippines. 
  • Is currently studying in Senior/Pre-final (2nd or 3rd) year during 2021-2022 academic year. 
  • Possesses strong programming skills and experience of working on Python, C#/VB & Net. 
  • Has a genuine interest in organizing fellow students and building community. 
  • Is a go-getter and a problem solver with an “anything is possible” attitude. 
  • Is a good communicator, planner, and organizer who is ready to go outside his or her comfort zone.  
  • Is willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn.   


Meet the first group of UiPath Student Developer Champions

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What is RPA?

RPA is the fastest growing category of Enterprise Software (growing at 65% CAGR according to ForresterTM).”  

Hundreds of millions of knowledge workers are employed across the world and in every industry. RPA enables us to remove routine, mundane, and repetitive tasks via software robots. By assigning such repetitive activities to software robots we now can focus on more creative and valued work, accelerating our careers, our companies, and ultimately, society. RPA is distinct from prior process automation technologies due to its flexible scope and ease of implementation – enabling enterprises to automate tasks and integrate systems which are otherwise too complex, too costly, or too time-consuming to address.  


Why learn RPA?

“It’s the technology of the future.” 

Despite a rocky 2020, the global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is still on track to see double-digit growth from 2020 to 2021—19.5%, to $1.89 billion—according to arecent Gartner press release. According to the World Economic Forum, more than 54% of the workforce will require reskilling in the next 5 years! 

 “New technology adoption drives business growth, new job creation and augmentation of existing jobs, provided it can fully leverage the talents of a motivated and agile workforce who are equipped with futureproof skills to take advantage of new opportunities through continuous retraining and upskilling. Conversely, skills gaps—both among workers and among an organization’s senior leadership—may significantly hamper new technology adoption and therefore business growth.”  

Robotic Process Automation is one such technology that is dramatically redefining the future of work. Easy to deploy, non-intrusive, fast, and low-cost implementations have made RPA a priority across industries. 

Ninety percent of RPA developers say they expect the industry to expand over the next five years, echoing industry analyst sentiment and that demand for their skill sets will increase with it. 

Who can be an RPA developer? 

While technical skills are a plus, anyone who has an interest and motivation to learn this new technology can become an RPA developer. Moreover, many of the certified RPA developers around the globe are undergrads. 90+% have college degrees, the majority of which are in technical fields. Still, one out of five followed a business-focused course of study, and more than one in ten had degrees in "other" areas, indicating there's room in the industry for a broad set of skills and knowledge.