UiPath Community Days 2024

 What are UiPath Community Days? 


Key activities: 


The UiPath Customer showcases the problem statement or business opportunity​
The UiPath Partner showcases the proposed solution, implementations and challenges

Community recognitions

Recognize some local champions for their innovative initiatives and programs to develop, grow or scale the adoption of the UiPath platform​
Nominations are driven through chapter leads, UiPath local colleagues and local MVPs

Technical sessions

Technical Sessions on AI Powered Automation led by UiPath employees (Product, Techincal Account Manager, Professional Services, Pre Sales) and UiPath MVPs​

Chapter announcements

Launching initiatives, programs and series for the local chapter​

 Upcoming events in Americas

New York, May 16

 Upcoming events in APJ

The next Community Days will be announced soon.


Hyderabad, June 


Chennai, April 20 

Pune, April 13    


Brisbane, happened on March 27



Singapore, happened on April 5