Code of Conduct

                      Code of Conduct for UiPath Community


This Code of Conduct, alongside the UiPath Events Terms and Conditions govern your (“you”, “participant(s)”) relation with UiPath Inc. and its affiliates (“UiPath”, “us”, “we”) as participant to any in-person or virtual UiPath event (“Event(s)”) and a member of the UiPath community.

This Code of Conduct may be revised at any time by UiPath, and its terms are non-negotiable.

Encouraged conduct

All Events organized by UiPath alone, or together with its partners, as well as the entire UiPath community strive to be friendly, safe, and welcoming environments where participants, regardless of their culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental ability, can collaborate and support each other in their RPA journey in safe, considerate, and respectful ways.

To make the most out of our Events, and out of the community we are building, and to make your involvement in them as pleasant as possible, both for you, as well as for other participants, we encourage you to:


Unacceptable conduct

Any activity that is contrary to the law, the safety of the participants, or the peaceful progress of the Event may be deemed unacceptable conduct by the Event staff and sanctioned accordingly.

Examples of unacceptable conduct:


Consequences of unacceptable conduct

All UiPath Event staff members are authorized to determine if any conduct or situation violate this Code of Conduct or the UiPath Events Terms and Conditions.

If a participant engages in unacceptable conduct, the Event staff may take any action they deem appropriate, up to, and including, expulsion from the Event without warning or refund and, if necessary, involvement of local law enforcement.


Reporting unacceptable conduct

If you have a complaint or concern about any conduct or situation that violates this Code of Conduct or the UiPath Events Terms and Conditions, please reach out to the Event staff or security personnel immediately.

If you experience or witness a life safety emergency, please call the local emergency number immediately (in North America dial 911).

For any questions regarding our Events, or if you would like to report any behavior prohibited by the UiPath Events Code of Conduct or UiPath Events Terms and Conditions after Event hours, please reach out to us by using the contact details provided on the Event’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.



UiPath Events Code of Conduct - 13.06.2023

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