RPA Summer School

Empowering professionals to kick-start their automation journey through an easy and flexible learning program. 

Time commitment: 6 hours 

Mode: Live sessions/Self-paced 


On this program for robotic process automation (RPA) starters, you will kick-off your automation journey and upskill to citizen developer status in RPA, by learning how to cut off repetitive tasks through basic UiPath StudioX automations. 


This self-paced module provides the training level needed in order to be able to create simple automations on your own, in a format designed for all professionals and schedules.  


After this program you will: 


The program consists of four recorded sessions that you can view in a self-paced mode. 


Start your automation journey now and explore RPA within a flexible timeline, over your empty office hours or holiday time. 


View all sessions:


RPA Summer School Session 1: Kick-off your way in RPA 

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RPA Summer School Session 2: Run your first Ui automation 

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RPA Summer School Session 3: Dive deeper in RPA with your first Excel and Word automations 

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RPA Summer School Session 4: Automate Outlook and Gmail with ease 

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  • Evaluate automation potential of your daily tasks or your department  
  • Use our free Community license for StudioX and start building your own projects  
  • Get a clear idea about the automation process and the way it fits in your line of business  
  • Start your journey in RPA alongside our worldwide Citizen Developer Community

  • Flexible learning through recorded sessions 
  • No official trainers. Sessions are held by hands-on RPA developers in the person of our MVPs 


What are the criteria for applying?

This program is designed for absolute RPA starters. No previous knowledge of RPA is needed. Whether you are just starting off or you wish to enhance your practice as a Citizen Developer, you are welcome to join us.  


Afe Araromi 

 UiPath MVP 

Senior Analyst 


Hanh Nguyen 

 UiPath MVP 

Senior Consultant 

@Machina Automation 


Nicolas Erlichman 

UiPath MVP 

Senior Software Developer  




Nidhi Chaturvedi 

UiPath MVP 

Senior RPA Specialist