Find A Chapter

Over the past year and a half of our community programs, our community has been scattered across the internet to try and find the best Meetup events and webinars to attend. Now, we have a page of verified UiPath approved local events on this page.

You are able to join as many groups as you like – but we recommend you join your local city and some of our global and virtual chapters to keep up with our events that run both regionally and across the globe. Additionally, all community events will be running virtually until further notice – but we promise we have some fun and exciting events planned in the coming months to make these events even more dynamic. 

If you can’t find your city, please join a city that has a neighboring time zone that is similar to yours. We will be opening up more cities as we continue to open up new chapters across the world. If you’re interested in starting a chapter in your city, submit your request and a Community Manager will take it from there. We can’t wait to see you online at our next virtual community event!