Frequently Asked Questions

UiPath Community Program FAQ

How can I join the UiPath Community?

Create an account on our platform.

This can be accomplished using accounts from platforms such as Outlook, Gmail, and more. Once you've taken this step, you'll gain access to multiple resources. Immerse yourself and participate in the upcoming events.

Are there any community newsletters that I should consider subscribing to?

Subscribing to Bits and Bots Community newsletter, will keep you at the forefront of all that's happening within the automation space.

Are there persona-based chapters within the UiPath Community?

Regardless of your role, be it a developer, automation user, test automation specialist, infrastructure engineer, citizen developer, or even a student you can find chapters tailored to suit your interests.

What is UiPath job board?

If you're searching for employment opportunities or aiming to fill roles in your team, the job board is the place to check.

How can I update the information in my profile?

Click on your profile image on the top right. Then click on my profile and then click on edit profile. Here you can upload your latest pic, add your first and last name, company, title, industry, and other details.

How do I reset my password?

To reset the password, click on the login button on the top right in the community website home page. Then click on, continue with email and Password and you’ll see a pop-up. Click on the Forgot password. You will receive an email for password reset. You can then reset your password by clicking on the link received on your email id. The email id should be the same as you have used while creating the UiPath Community account.

How can I delete my profile?

To delete the account, click on your profile picture on the top right. Click on Settings and Privacy. There are two options available. One is a profile and the other is delete account. Click on delete account. Once you click on delete your account, it will automatically remove your access to upcoming event tickets and chapter memberships once the account is deactivated.

How do I set the privacy settings of my profile?

Click on your profile picture on the top right. Next, click on Settings & Privacy and there will be two options, i.e., Privacy & Delete Account. Click on privacy. You can set your profile to Private. This way, your profile becomes searchable and viewable on the community site only.

Can I create a personalized bio or description in my profile?

To create a personalized bio of yourself, click on your profile image on the top right. Click on Profile and then on Edit Profile. Scroll down and you will see a bio. Under the Bio section, you can update or edit your profile.

Can I link my social media accounts to my profile?

You can link your social media accounts to your community profile. Click on your profile image on top right. Click on profile and then on edit profile. Scroll down to input your LinkedIn profile / Facebook / Twitter. We advise you to share your professional social media accounts.

Can I participate in events organized and hosted in other regions?

You can engage in virtual events that are curated and hosted across the global landscape, spanning diverse time zones.

Is there an archive of past UiPath Community event videos available?

The UiPath Community maintains a dedicated YouTube channel, where you can find a repository of past event videos in English. To embark on your learning journey, we invite you to follow our dedicated YouTube channel.

I am encountering difficulties in accessing the event video on the event page. What is the timeline within which the video becomes available?

The virtual event video is prepared and typically made accessible within a span of 72 hours following the event. To ensure an optimal viewing experience, we recommend revisiting the event page approximately three days after the event's conclusion.

Is there a fee associated with attending in-person events orchestrated by the UiPath Community?

No, UiPath Community events, regardless of their format, whether in-person gatherings or virtual experiences, are extended to attendees without any financial obligation.

I wish to unsubscribe from a few of these chapters. What are the steps?

To manage your subscriptions effectively and tailor your event notifications to your preferences, follow these steps:

1. Log in to our community portal.

2. Click on the "Resources" dropdown menu.

3. Select "Subscription Manager" to access and manage your chapter subscriptions as per your desired configuration.

This allows you to curate your notifications in alignment with your interests and commitments.

What learning plans does UiPath Academy offer?

UiPath Academy offers the following learning plans:

  • RPA Developer Foundation

  • RPA Developer Advanced

  • RPA Developer Continuous Learning

  • Business Analyst

  • Infrastructure Engineer

  • Implementation Manager

  • Solution Architect

Check out more here!

What is the process for getting an UiPath Certification?

You can achieve this through UiPath Academy, a knowledge hub for your learning needs regarding UiPath technologies. This centralized platform offers resources, courses, and training materials designed to help you get your certification.

Where should I direct my inquiries for automation technical matters? Where can I search or open a specific query?

We recommend directing your questions to the UiPath Community Forum. Here, you'll discover a dynamic platform providing an environment for technical knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

What is Forum Use Case Repository?

UiPath Use Case Repository is a compilation of the latest and most innovative use cases showcasing the UiPath technology. These use cases spotlight creative and impactful ways in which UiPath is leveraged across various industries. Check out more here!

How can I become eligible for the role of a UiPath Most Valuable Professional (MVP)? "What is the criteria"?

On the MVP program page, you will find the exact timeline of open applications. All candidates should have strong acumen on the UiPath tools, features, and practices to become an MVP.

Take a look at their testimonials: Most Valuable Professional 2023-2024.

Connect directly with them on UiPath Forum.

How can I have the role of a UiPath Chapter Leader within my region?

The role involves fostering community growth within your chosen region. For more details, visit our Chapter Leader page.

How can I receive events tailored to students?

To get involved, navigate to the "Explore By Region" section on our UiPath Community website and look for the "Student Developer" category. By joining the regional chapter, you'll automatically receive notifications as soon as events are published. If no events are available regionally, we encourage you to search and register for other virtual student sessions available.

I am interested in writing blog articles. Is there a dedicated UiPath Community page where I can publish my blogs?

You can explore the opportunity of becoming a UiPath Community blog author here :

How can I organize an UiPath Community event?

First email to and specify the event topic. The UiPath Community team will provide further guidance and support.

How can I contribute to the UiPath Community?

You can check out more here: