Chapter Leaders


Join the UiPath Chapter Leaders Community! 


Chapter Leader Benefits

We want to ensure that you, as a UiPath Chapter Leader, are set up for success. You are building and growing a real life community, which can be at times frustrating and stressful, but mostly rewarding, exciting and great!

As a UiPath Chapter Leader, you are expected to host at least 4 events per year. If it is clear you are committed to this responsibility, you will enjoy:

Learning and Personal Development

  • Calls with the UiPath Community Team

  • Access to specific events

  • Dedicated blogpost and Social Media post about them and their successes

  • Opportunity to be the author and driver of your RPA story

  • Instant gratification, energy, passion



  • Special Community swag

  • Access to specific events

  • Annual Community Builder Awards

  • Kudos, shout outs in UiPath internal and

    external environments

  • Dedicated space on our Community page



  • Connecting with like minded people

  • A dedicated UiPath Community Manager and

    direct access to the UiPath Community team

Chapter Leader responsibilities

Your responsibility as a UiPath Chapter Leader is to plan and facilitate the UiPath Community Meetups for the city you live in on a regular basis. 

Host at least 4 events/ year 


  • We take into consideration how eager your community is, as well as natural slow periods in the year, and personal limitations.

  • Typically, this requires an average of 1-2 hours per week for planning and creating the community (mostly 1-2 weeks before the meetup happens).

Use the Bevy Platform 



  • UiPath Chapter Leaders must use the Bevy event management platform to manage all event related communication and planning.

Decide the topic, secure
the venue
and speaker(s) for events

  • It is the responsibility of the UiPath Chapter Organizer to choose (if the case) and secure a venue and to select and secure relevant speakers/ panelists , or to facilitate a roundtable discussion.

Foster an open and
welcoming environment
to all attendees

  • UiPath Chapter Leaders provide a space for everyone to come together, connect, learn, and grow with each other.

  • We strive to create safe spaces for people regardless of race, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, or religion (or lack thereof).


What are the criteria for becoming a UiPath Chapter Leader? 

Technical Expertise

You have:

- a minimum 1 year UiPath experience.

- expertise in using at least one of the UiPath products.

- overall understanding of the hyperautomation platform.



Motivation and Vision

You have:

- a “can do” attitude, oriented towards UiPath Values

- a vision for the community and you are motivated to make it happen

- a vision for the community – there is shown intention to continue the contribution in the community

- availability to make those plans and vision a reality


You are:

- ready to take action and lead the way

- bold and fast in taking initiative

- humble in the approach and way of caring for the others in the community

- immersed in developing further the automation space, always at the frontier at what is possible

Apply Here

We go through each application as they come. You will receive an e-mail from the Regional Community Manager in your area to set up the next steps. 

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