Ways to contribute

As a part of the UiPath Community, you are surrounded by over 2,500,000+ professionals in the AI-powered automation space. We are all globally connected and getting the best out of AI at work. Here you can find different programs that may suit your interests and can help you get the best out of this ever-evolving industry.




Become the next UiPath Community MVP

The Most Valuable Professional program, is the highest recognition program for those active members, proving innovative and consistent contributions to the UiPath Community. If you are passionate about pushing the boundaries in the AI-powered automation space and interested in building communities, find more about the criteria to become an MVP and start your application process. Read more about the criteria here.


Become a Chapter Leader 

Interested in running your own meetups and events in one of the existing chapters?  Eager to start a new chapter for your local community in the automation space?  This is the place to create new opportunities for others to learn about AI-powered automation and share best practices. Find out more here and become the next UiPath Community Chapter Leader.

Contact us at community@uipath.com and let's plan together the strategy for growing your local community.



Highly engaging competitions in which you bring up innovative ideas and you enhance your capabilities in the AI-powered automation space. With the help of mentors and product managers, you bring your proof of concepts to life, streamline processes and create  reusable components in UiPath Marketplace. Stay tuned to hear more about the next editions and join the Hackathons Chapter for notifications. This is an opportunity to achieve prices of total value of upto $12,000.




Be an author for our UiPath Community Blog

Engage in the collaborative generation of content for the UiPath community blog. This is a way to amplify automation use cases and build your author page. There are three main categories in which you can contribute.

Tutorials - step-by-step use cases showcasing using UiPath Platform, to help you acquire and practice your automation skills.

Community News - latest events, programs, hackathons, learning resources, and many more inside UiPath Community

Developer Interviews - stories about individual automation journeys and learn how you can start your own.

Interested in Technical Writing

It's super easy to improve our documentation at docs.uipath.com.


UiPath Community Feedback

Feedback is instrumental for our product roadmap. Your feedback helps us shape the product further and better understand our customer needs. Follow the guidelines on the Forum and submit your feedback and experiences with UiPath products.

Insider Program

To stay updated on the latest innovations from our product team, we highly recommend you join the Insider Program.  As an Insider, you'll receive exclusive opportunities to access early builds of new features and updates, will gain access to the Insider Portal to provide feedback, and ultimately help influence and shape our product roadmap.


Peer Review: Let others know how your experience in using UiPath helps you in the AI-powered automation space. If you use an enterprise version of the UiPath Business Automation Platform, add your feedback on one of the peer review platforms. Let us know and we will show our appreciation for your honest opinion.

Forum Community Moderators

Become a trusted helping hand for all the others in the community that need your expertise in the automation space. Get the perks and access to moderate among top members of the community and UiPath Community Managers.


Get the best out of the automation community by joining the programs that best suits you. Explore, try for yourself and let us know if there is anything that you miss in your experience. Please contact us for requests and topics related to UiPath Community.

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