Retail Automation in Action (Content in Thai)

Aug 29, 2023, 3:30 – 5:00 AM


Join us for the virtual session (in Thai) and learn from our experts on Retail Automation in Action

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About this event

Now the retail sector is under pressure. Higher costs to manage the digital channels and supply chains, higher investments to match new competition, and steadily rising labor costs. At the same time, the customer’s expectations continue to surge as digital natives and disruptors alike raise the bar for personalized service.

The process automation will reshape the retail business models and make more benefits of the value chain, empowering the people in the process. The winners in this sector will be those who understand these implications and quickly respond to address them.

The retail world is fascinating and dynamic, but there are ongoing industry challenges that create unique hurdles for the retail businesses today. Some of the common challenges are the intense competition in the rapidly changing market, the strategic planning and foresight, the workflow efficiency improvement, and the cost reduction. In addition, today’s retailers need to adapt and keep up with the latest technology trends across all the aspects, including distribution channels, communication and advertisement channels, and after-sales service channels to deliver delightful customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. As the customers are savvy and have become more demanding, the retail businesses must also embrace the omni-channel or multi-channel strategy to create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities as well as improve customer profitability.

These challenges can be managed and solved effectively by adopting today’s Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, especially in the form of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA.)


• An Overview of Technology and Trends in Retail Industry

• Overcome Today’s Retail Challenges with Technology

• Using Technology to Gain Competitiveness in the Rapidly Changing Market

• RPA Use Cases in Retail


  • Worakhun Boonsotornstit

    Bara Advanced Infotech Co. Ltd

    Managing Director

  • Sonti Sreechay

    Bara Advanced InfoTech

    Enterprise Architect Consultant


  • Nisarg Kadam


    Technology Manager

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ