Discover the Components of the UiPath Platform [Automation Business Analyst Series]

Aug 28, 6:30 – 7:30 AM


Join us for the second session of the UiPath Community Automation Business Analyst Series and learn the essentials for the role

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About this event

In this session, we'll explore key UiPath tools designed to enhance business automation. You will gain insights into UiPath Process Mining, Task Capture, Automation Hub, and Communications Mining, understanding how each component contributes to streamlining and optimizing processes. Join us as we delve into these powerful tools and discover their potential to transform your business operations.


  • UiPath Process Mining: benefits and demo
  • UiPath Task Mining and Task Capture: capturing workflows and demo
  • UiPath Automation Hub: centralizing ideas and demo
  • UiPath Communications Mining: extracting insights and demo.
  • Q&A and Next Steps: participant questions, resources, and closing remarks.


  • Rajaneesh Balakrishnan



  • Daniel Melfa


    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Junaidy Laures

    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Andre Pereira


    Principal Sales Engineer

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