Dev Dives: Explore UiPath Solutions Management for seamless packaging, deployment and maintenance

Oct 26, 2023, 1:00 – 2:00 PM


Master effortless automation and learn to transport, deploy, and maintain complex solutions with ease. Witness firsthand the new UiPath Solutions Management as it dismantles the roadblocks related to application lifecycle management, making the entire process smoother and more reliable. Focus on automating more use cases instead of dealing with operations and maintenance.

About this event

As the automation landscape evolves, more use cases can be addressed. At the same time, powerful automations drag more complexity, making authoring, deploying, managing, and updating them more difficult to handle.

We’re excited to share what we’re actively working on the first set of platform capabilities around lifecycle management within the UiPath Platform, meant to help you in this endeavour! Reaching the North Star for this initiative will be a multi-year journey, but each journey starts with the first step.

The first wave of capabilities that is coming up includes, but it’s not limited to:

  • Packaging solutions: assemble and configure your solution components in a fully-fledged solution package that is self-contained & transportable between tenants and organizations.
  • Solutions deployment: click through the installation wizard to apply the deployment specific configurations for the solution. Based on this input and the information contained in the package, all solution components are automatically deployed.
  • Management capabilities for the solution packages and deployments within your organization, per tenant.

This session is designed for all automation developers interested in learning how to transport, deploy, and maintain complex solutions more easily and reliably. You get the chance to provide early feedback about the capabilities we’re working on in this space.

📕 During the session, we will cover:

  • What is UiPath Solutions Management?
  • The issues we aim to solve and what we’re currently developing.
  • How to leverage these new capabilities for your existing and new solutions - Quick demo
  • Timelines and what’s next.

 ➡️Download a solution package to streamline the process of purchase requests.


👩‍💻 Raisa Bragarea, Principal Product Manager, UiPath   


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    Principal Manager, Product Management


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