Women in Automation - Opportunities in the Workforce Panel

Mar 8, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 PM


Join us to learn about automation in the workforce as our amazing panel of women, who specialize in automation join us for an insight into their careers


About this event

On this International Women in Technology Day - We thought we'd introduce you to some of our Women in Automation. Please join this panel as they answer questions about their careers, the challenges they have faced and the opportunities that are available to you.  

I would like you to meet the following amazing ladies who are eager to share their experiences with you. Please let me introduce you to:

• Tracy Dixon – 3x UiPath MVP/ Operational Excellence & UiPath Partnership Lead at Centric Consulting

• Hannah Nguyen – 2x UiPath MVP/ Manager at Ashling Partners

• Sonali Aggarwal – UiPath MVP/Sr. Systems Developer/ CA Service Virtualization/Test Automation/Data Analyst Enthusiast

• Kristina Kaldon – Senior Program Manager UiPath Learning Alliances/RPA Developer


  • Tracy Dixon

    Centric Consulting Operational Excellence

    UiPath MVP

  • Hạnh Nguyễn

    Ashling Partners

    UiPath MVP, Manager

  • Kristina Kaldon


    Academic Alliance Program Manager

  • Sonali Aggarwal

    The Co-operators

    Sr. Systems Developer


  • Diana Gray

    UiPath, Inc.

    Senior Community Marketing Manager – AMER


  • Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath

  • Cristina Vidu


    Global Manager, Marketing Community