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Welcome to our UiPath Americas Virtual Chapter!

The group is dedicated to all the community members to join the official UiPath events and webinars that are not specific for one local city or country.

For each event, we invite developers, business analysts, industry leaders, and organizations who are already working in the RPA industry to share their experiences and learnings on various topics surrounding automation. This can range anywhere from the business cases, demos, the UiPath product suite, the strategy, the skills needed to be successful, governance, and the future scope of RPA technologies - all the basics necessary to get started and be successful with RPA.

We look forward to growing the automation community with you!

Upcoming events

7 may 2024

Virtual Meetup

Join our latest Connector Corner webinar to discover how UiPath Integration Service revolutionizes API-centric automation in a 'Quote to Cash' process—and how that automation empowers businesses to accelerate revenue generation.

9 may 2024

Virtual Meetup

Mark your calendars for an engaging welcome call where we will cover the basics about the UiPath Community. This event is your opportunity to discover the resources, support, and activities that the UiPath Community offers.

28 may 2024

Virtual Meetup

In our Connector Corner webinar, we will demonstrate how you can use a single workflow to: create a campaign using Mailchimp, send an interactive Slack channel message and have the message received by managers and peers along with a test email for review.

30 may 2024

Virtual Meetup

Join this practical session to discover how to process documents out-of-the-box, and how to build your own AI models with as little training as possible. You’ll see UiPath CommPath and DocPath in action as well as dive deep into active learning experience within UiPath Document Understanding.

Past events

18 abr 2024

Virtual Meetup

Dev Dives: Streamline document processing with UiPath Studio Web

3 abr 2024

Virtual Meetup

Efficiencies in RPA with UiPath and CyberArk Technologies - Session 2

28 mar 2024

Virtual Meetup

Dev Dives: Master advanced authentication and performance in Productivity Activities

26 mar 2024

Virtual Meetup

Connector Corner: Extending LLM automation use cases with UiPath GenAI connectors

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Diana Gray

Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath

Cristina Vidu

Global Manager, Marketing Community