Fully unlock the power of analytics and automation using UiPath and Alteryx integrations

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Thu, Apr 28, 2022, 10:00 AM (EDT)

Alteryx and UiPath each have a powerful integration component that allows customers to connect workflows in Alteryx Designer to enterprise automations in UiPath and vice versa. In this session, you'll discover new use cases, understand how bi-directional integration between UiPath and Alteryx works, and build the knowledge needed to implement your own automation-powered analytics workflows.

About this event

This session is for RPA Developers Business Analysts, and/or Data Analysts looking to learn how to call UiPath robots from within Alteryx Designer, or to extend your UiPath workflows into the Alteryx analytics platform. You'll learn key concepts and understand the specific steps needed to make UiPath and Alteryx work seamlessly together, and see real-world examples of combined solutions in action. The session will be conducted by experts from both Alteryx and UiPath, who will be glad to answer questions and discuss lessons learned while working with both platforms hands-on.  

During the meetup we'll cover:

  • How UiPath and Alteryx integrate
  • How to interact with Alteryx data using UiPath robots
  • How to trigger a UiPath robot and take action from within Alteryx Designer
  • How to bring in data from websites, mainframes, and other data sources that have no APIs
  • Example use cases and demos 

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