Better together: How to integrate UiPath into your Microsoft Environment

Americas Virtual Events
Thu, Oct 21, 10:00 AM (PDT)

Learn about the integrations UiPath offers to integrate with your Microsoft ecosystem.

About this event

This session is for users that want to learn how to natively integrate with Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Teams.

In this session you will hear from UiPath experts on:

  • The Microsoft Technologies that can be integrated with using native integrations.
  • An overview of Activity packs and UiPath Native Apps for Microsoft products.
  • How to enable technical users to connect Microsoft and UiPath platforms with each other and how to enable business users to seamlessly run automations.


  • Robert Wagner

    Robert Wagner


    Product Manager

    Robert Wagner is a product manager at UiPath, focused on developing and enabling third-party integrations into the UiPath platform. He has 13+ years of experience in automating modern APIs implemented with REST and JMS-based Microservice architectures but also with legacy and monolithic systems, based on SOAP, ESB, and mainframe technology. In previous consulting and leadership roles, Robert de...

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  • Hosts

  • Diana Gray

    Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager – Americas

  • Lynette York

    Lynette York


    Principal Technology Alliances Manager

  • Organizer

  • Diana Gray

    Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager Americas

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