✨ Automation for Good Community Stories 2023 ✨

Dec 15, 2023, 3:00 – 4:30 PM


Join us for a throwback into the most powerful and inspirational moments of 2023: the times when our community gave back, and automation stepped up for the hardest task - to optimize the society we live in!

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About this event

As we are getting closer to this year’s end, we want to celebrate our accomplishments by looking back and highlighting the worthiest stories in our community, stories about 'Automation for Good'. We gathered those projects that managed to make a direct impact into the lives of others and the general well being of our society. Our stories go beyond the primary benefits of automation, by diving deeper into greater missions, in a world where leaders are connected and influencing the world outside their organizations.

While listening to our visionary speakers, you'll learn how automation enterprises:

- can make more efficient the work of NGOs and volunteers management

- can scale the automation workforce through training and education while impacting new generations and their career chances

- can optimize the work of social workers while impacting directly children's livelihood

- can detect cases of human rights abuse, triggering direct action

These valuable insights will spur fruitful conversations about what automation can do for us all, and how we can harness the power of automation technology for good. We hope that the stories we bring to you on December 15 will manage to sketch a map of activism, kindness and contribution to our wider community, while leaving us with great best practice models to take forward.

📖 Here is our story book, to close this year with hope (EST hours):

10:00 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Opening remarks:
Raluca Negulescu-Balaci, Executive Director, UiPath Foundation
Despina Maria Donca, Digital Innovation Manager, UiPath Foundation

10:10 ✨ 'TechEmpower Ghana: Bridging Futures through RPA Education and Employment'
Project Delivery: Ghana; Beneficiary: 'Trestle Academy Ghana'
The project aims to establish and support an educational and employment program for technology students and graduates in Ghana. The primary objective is to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing targeted training and development opportunities for individuals pursuing careers in the tech industry. By aligning educational efforts with practical employment prospects, the project aims to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the tech industry in Ghana while providing meaningful opportunities for aspiring tech professionals.
Mukesh Kala, UiPath MVP, RPA Manager @Boundaryless Group
Robert Wonders, Founder & Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Trestle Academy Ghana

10:25✨ 'Foster Family application and Case Management'
Project Delivery: US, Florida; Beneficiary: 'Partnership For Strong Families'
Submitting applications for foster care licensing can be very time consuming because of the overwhelming amount of documentation required. Each application can contain over 80 or more document types. Multiple case workers perform checks on these documents and upload to state applications daily.
The developed UiPath solution intends to reduce the manual effort. The automation also intends to allow case workers to spend more time with children and find them a better family.
Deepak Rai, UiPath MVP, Automation Practice Lead - APAC @Boundaryless Group

Justen Ostreicher @Partnership For Strong Families

10:40 ✨ 'Volunteer Management Project'
Project Delivery: Nigeria; Beneficiary: 'Steering for Greatness Foundation'
The intention of the volunteer management project was to streamline and enhance the volunteer management process at Steering For Greatness . Our objective was to increase operational efficiency by automating the repetitive task of communicating with volunteers, allowing the organization to focus more on its core mission. By leveraging automation, the project aim was to achieve efficiency, save time, and ensure that the communication with selected volunteers is prompt and consistent, especially in scenarios where there is a need to communicate with a large number of candidates, ensuring a seamless and organized outreach process.
Oyinkansola Ayannuga, RPA Developer, Dipole Diamond Limited

Busola Majekodunmi, Founder, Steering for Greatness Foundation

10:55 ✨ 'Empowering Indigenous Rights Advocacy through Automation and AI'
Project Delivery: Argentina, Beneficiary: 'Regional Coordinator of Economic and Social Research (CRIES)'
CRIES is a South American NGO that looks after the interests of indigenous communities in South America. They would like to automate the process of analyzing news articles from news outlets in South America to detect cases of human rights abuse against indigenous communities (e.g. oppression, violence, discriminatory laws). This will free up time from activists and researchers to focus on the real work of advocating for the interests of indigenous communities, instead of manually reviewing news articles every day. UiPath products used: Integration Service (OpenAI GPT-4, Google Docs connectors), UiPath Action Center (for review of analysis output), UiPath Apps (to present reviewed incidents), Orchestrator, Serverless Robots.
Goo Yik Wen, UiPath HyperHack 2023 Winner, Manager, SimplifyNext
Andrei Serbin Pont, President, CRIES

11:10 ✨ 'Costa Rica Student Hack-a-thon 2023'
Project Delivery: Costa Rica, Beneficiary: 'Professional Technical College Jesús Ocaña Rojas'
For 2 weeks we brought together 18 students from the high school, between the ages of 16 and 17. During these 2 weeks we trained them in different automations tools like UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, Action Center, Apps and some others. At the end of these 2 weeks, the students built a project that solved an issue from the High school or community. A total of 5 projects were presented with a high level of technical complexity. The feedback from students and teachers was overwhelmingly positive. Both groups agree the skills learned in these 2 weeks are going to make a big difference in their resume and future employment opportunities
Sebastian Villalobos, UiPath MVP, RPA Developer, World Kinect
Dunia Rodriguez Chaves, Professional Technical College Jesús Ocaña Rojas

11:25 ✨ 'Empowering Students Through Industry Collaboration'
Project Delivery: India; Beneficiary: 'All India Council for Technical Education' (AICTE) through 'EduSkills Foundation'
WonderBotz through its 'Automation for Good' program collaborated with 'EduSkills Foundation' to support various initiatives. These activities that were integral part of program which ran for a period of 12 months starting January 2023 till December 2023. We trained & nurtured 25 educators: provided a series of training to the educators across India to enable them on the UiPath Buisness Automation platform. Around 30 colleges were selected to participate in this initiative and the trainers were enabled to deliver UiPath Foundation training to the students. WonderBotz extended 50 internship opportunities to students from various colleges in 2023. They were seamlessly integrated into WonderBotz workforce to deliver services to our clients. Furthermore 10000+ internships and 3000+ job opportunities (within the Indian RPA ) are expected by 2025 as a result of an MoU being signed between WonderBotz, AICTE and Ministry of Education (MoE).
Vivek Goel, Country Head, WonderBotz
Satya Ranjan Biswal, Co-Founder & COO, EduSkills Foundation

Your Community hosts:
🦹‍♀️ Cristina Vidu, Global Manager, Marketing Community @UiPath
🧙‍♀️ Diana Gray, Regional Community Manager AMER @UiPath
🧛🏽‍♀️ Rohit Radhakrishnan, Regional Community Manager APAC @UiPath

We are deeply grateful to all our speakers, and to our community which continues to give back every single day. 🙏

Looking forward to see you within the event and hear your thoughts while looking back, but also moving FORWARD! 🚀✨✨

Do you have an #automationforgood story to tell? Write to us at 👉 community@uipath.com 


  • Mukesh Kala

    RPA Manager at Boundaryless Group

    UiPath MVP

  • Raluca Negulescu Balaci

    UiPath Foundation

    Executive Director

  • Deepak Rai

    Boundaryless Group

    Automation Practice Lead - APAC

  • Oyinkansola Ayannuga

    Dipole Diamond Limited

    RPA Developer

  • Sebastian Villalobos

    RPA Developer

  • Yik Wen Goo


    Solution Architect

  • Despina Maria Donca

    UiPath Foundation

    Digital Innovation Manager


  • Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath

  • Cristina Vidu


    Global Manager, Marketing Community