Youth in Automation

Create the next generation of automation leaders.

Encourage your children to start their journey in automation.


Next-generation is increasing in curiosity and keen to learn. They will be tomorrow’s technology leaders. Giving them a head start, even if it’s a little push, goes a long way. Automation has a lot of potential today and will be a big part of technology when they start their careers. UiPath wants to be the first to help them find their place in the future.  




The benefits of learning Automation at a young age


Build towards a strong future in RPA

Learn AI, ML, and chatbot using easy methods


Build confidence to face future challenges


Test your kid's RPA Knowledge by taking the appropriate test according to their RPA skills:

Level 1

For completion of this certification, children should understand Web Automaton, Basic Excel Automation, Word Automation.

Level 2

For completion of this certification, children should understand Advance Excel Automation, Desktop Automation, and Email Automation, Mobile Automation.


Level 3

For completion of this certification, children’s should understand Orchestrator, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, Machine Learning