Join the UiPath Mentors&Mentees Community!     

Contribution, building strong bonds, nurturingopenness and learning have always played a great role in our Community and in the success of the organization as whole.  


The UiPath Community Mentorship Program brings together learning, trust and contribution in a space where mentors and mentees meet and start their own learning journey.  


We welcome experienced developers to join as mentors and professionals early in their career looking to learn from the real-life experiences of others, to join as mentees.


As participants in the program, mentees are paired with mentors who are experienced RPA professionals who will guide you through the mentorship journey.

Over the course of at least 6 meetings and with the support of a mentor, mentees will be equipped with skills, knowledge and understanding to get their RPA careers to the next level.


What are the benefits of entering the UiPath Mentorship Program?

Mentor Benefits

  • Leadership Development – Strengthen leadership skills​
  • Legacy – Invest and make an impact in the automation world​
  • Learning – Acquire new insights​
  • Networking – Connect with other great professionals who are also mentors​
  • Building a strong personal brand in the automation world – Be exposed to different mentees with challenges, ideas, solutions and from various industries​
  • Belonging – Be invited to events for mentors organized by the UiPath Community team ​
  • Having a dedicated Community Manager and direct access to the UiPath Community team ​
  • Instant gratification, energy, passion

Mentee Benefits

  • Career Development – Identify goals and establish a sense of direction in their career
  • Learning – Build strong UiPath skills
  • Growing– Address development needs specific to your role and career growth goals, gain practical advice, encouragement and support​
  • Networking – Build a trusting relationship with a leader in automation 
  • Insight – Be rewarded with valuable feedback and guidance in your journey


What are the criteria for becoming a mentor or a mentee? 


Technical Expertise

  • Min. 2 years UiPath experience.
  • High expertise in using at least one of the UiPath products.

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration

    - constructive mindset​

    - ability and desire to grow others​

    - empathy​

    - ability to provide honest and constructive feedback​

  • Ethics/personal

    - accountability​

    - business ethics


Technical Expertise

  • RPA Developer or Unemployed with desire to get a job in automation field​

  • Finished RPA Developer Foundation course on Academy​

  • Have a practical project where to apply the acquired skills and knowledge

Soft Skills

  • Learning

- continuous learner mindset/desire to grow​

- curiosity to ask many questions and to learn from others’ professional experience​

  • Collaboration

- constructive mindset, open to feedback, tips, advice and suggestions​

  • Ethics/personal

- accountability​

- proactivity​

- business ethics

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