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Welcome to the official UiPath Student Community. This is a Global community of passionate, like-minded and enthusiastic students representing diversity in many ways yet, unity in their interest for learning RPA.

The group is dedicated to all the students of Maharashtra to join the official UiPath events and webinars.

For every event, we invite developers, business analysts, industry leaders, and organizations who are already working in the RPA industry to share their experiences and learnings on various topics surrounding automation. This ranges from, business cases, demos, the UiPath product suite, strategy, skills needed to be successful, governance, the future scope of RPA technologies - basically, covers all necessary topics for you to get started and be successful with RPA.

Ideally, we meet once every month. If you are interested in presenting a subject, contact us so we can schedule you at one of our upcoming meet ups.

We look forward to growing the end-to-end automation community with you! Make some noise if you are as excited as we are and let your friends know about this too!

Past events

Apr 14, 2023

Virtual Meetup

Automating your Workflow with UiPath and RPA

Feb 13, 2023

Local Meetup

RPA in Web automation

Jan 27, 2023

Virtual Meetup

Introduction to RPA

Nov 21, 2021

Virtual Meetup

Introduction to RPA and UiPath Studio

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Abhay Bhosle

Student Developer Champion

Pratham Pitty

Student Developer Champion
G H Raisoni College of Engineering and Management

Swasti Rai

Student Developer Champion


Student Developer Champion

Shital Rahane

Student Developer Champion

Areesha Sayed

Student Developer Champion


Student Developer Champion

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