Test Management: Heatmap for SAP and Change Impact Analysis for SAP

Nov 8, 2023, 3:00 – 4:15 PM


An introduction of the "Heatmap for SAP", a sneakpeek at AI-driven Test Case Generation and a deep-dive into "Change Impact Analysis for SAP" (virtual meetup, language EN)

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About this event

What is the purpose of this event?
This (virtual) meetup aims to showcase data-driven and risk-based approaches to unlocking test prioritization and reaching maximum test coverage. These features enhance the already seamless automated testing experience for SAP systems, as they make it easier to keep pace with SAP changes at scale. Our speakers Roman Tobler (CEO @Routinuum & UiPath MVP) and Lev Kushnir (Senior Director of Product Management @UiPath) will showcase how to connect your SAP and how you can unlock these valuable insights via the "Heatmap for SAP" and the "Change Impact Analysis for SAP". Moreover, practical use cases and applications are discussed to give you the tool set you need for your test prioritization. Additionally, the event gives a sneakpeek at AI-driven test case generation, which plays a crucial role in turning testing potential into effective test cases.

Who can join?
The Community is open to all Automation enthusiasts. We aim to deliver high-quality content for business and functional leaders but especially cater to more tech-savvy (RPA) developers in order to share experiences from the (Automation Journey) conception to the effective implementation, scaling and run/production phase. The Community is open to all actors and market participants, to share and grow as a whole. It is our credo to share experiences and to cover relevant topics to achieve more successful implementations and project realisations.

The focus of our meetup is around the following topics:

  • Heatmap for SAP - Test Automation with UiPath
  • AI-driven Test Case Generation
  • Change Impact Analysis for SAP
  • Discussion, Q&A

👨‍💻 Roman Tobler, UiPath MVP, CEO & Co-Founder @Routinuum GmbH
👨‍💻 Lev Kushnir, Sr. Product Manager Director @UiPath

We look forward to bringing these important topics to you and to having interesting discussions with you!

If you have any questions or inputs prior to the event, please contact Roman Tobler (CEO @Routinuum & UiPath MVP, Chapter Leader UiPath "Zürich"). Routinuum is a UiPath implementation partner specialised in Intelligent Process Automation.


  • Roman Tobler

    CEO at Routinuum

    UiPath MVP

  • Lev Kushnir


    Senior Director of Product Management


  • Cristina Vidu


    Regional Community Manager EMEA

  • Roman Tobler

    Routinuum GmbH

    CEO & Owner