Conversational AI and Chatbot Integrations

Wed, Mar 8, 3:00 PM (UTC)

An Introduction to Conversational AI and Chatbots (Virtual Agents): DRUID and UiPath Integrations. Showcasing an Accounts Payable Use Case.


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About this event

What is the purpose of this event?
Conversational AI and Chatbots (or rather - and more extensively - Virtual Agents) offer great benefits, especially in combination with technologies like RPA or IDP. Corneliu Niculite (Presales Director - EMEA @DRUID AI) and Roman Tobler (CEO @Routinuum & UiPath MVP) are discussing Conversational AI and why Virtual Agents play a significant role in modern ways of working. Moreover, Corneliu will be displaying how to build a Workflow and showcase an Accounts Payable Use Case, integrating DRUID and UiPath Robots.

Who can join?
The Community is open to all Automation enthusiasts. We aim to deliver high-quality content for business and functional leaders but especially cater to more tech-savvy (RPA) developers in order to share experiences from the (Automation Journey) conception to the effective implementation, scaling and run/production phase. Even though the Community is hosted via UiPath by Routinuum, the Community is open to all actors and market participants, to share and grow as a whole. It is our credo to share experiences and to cover relevant topics to achieve more successful implementations and project realisations.

The focus of our meetup is around the following areas - with a lot of room to discuss and share experiences:

  • What is "Conversational AI" and why do we need Chatbots (Virtual Agents);
  • Deep-Dive to a DRUID-UiPath Integration via an Accounts Payable Use Case;
  • Discussion, Q&A

We look forward to interesting discussions with you!

If you have any questions or inputs prior to the event, please contact Roman Tobler (CEO @Routinuum & UiPath MVP, Chapter Leader UiPath "Zürich"). Routinuum is a UiPath and DRUID AI implementation partner specialised in Intelligent Process Automation.


  • Roman Tobler

    CEO at Routinuum

    UiPath MVP

  • Corneliu Niculite

    Presales Director (EMEA) at DRUID AI


  • Cristina Vidu


    Regional Community Manager EMEA

  • Roman Tobler

    Routinuum GmbH

    CEO & Owner



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