Build / Migrate UiPath Custom Activities for Windows Compatibility

Jul 19, 2023, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Extend UiPath Capabilities with Custom activities for custom use cases.

About this event

An activity is the building block of a process automation. UiPath Studio comes with various built-in dedicated activities (such as PDF, mail, Excel, SAP, and more) you can install through the Package Manager, depending on your needs. You can read The UiPath Activities Guide for more details and examples, as well as how to Manage Activities Packages . Additionally, you can create custom activities to better automate processes based on your needs.

There are two major steps required to create a custom activity:

  1. Writing the custom activity code.
  2. Adding the external assembly (.dll) in UiPath.

1. Build Custom Activity using Activity creator.

2. Migrate UiPath Custom Activity from Legacy to Windows.

3. Publish UiPath Custom Activity to Orchestrator.

4. How to Publish Custom Activity to Marketplace.

5. What all the testing UiPath will do for Custom Activity.

6. Q&A 


  • Pathrudu Chintakayala

    Cigniti Technologies

    RPA Tech Lead


  • Pathrudu Chintakayala

    Cigniti Technologies

    RPA Tech Lead


  • Pathrudu chintakayala

    Cigniti Technologies

    RPA Tech Lead

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