Installation walkthrough - Live (Multi node Orchestrator)

Thursday, August 11, 2022, 1:00 – 2:30 PM UTC


Demo session on how to setup multi node Orchestrator and installation of HAA component.

About this event

Join this session to learn how to set up a multi-node Orchestrator and install of HAA component.

In this session, you will learn 


  • UiPath high availability architecture
  • HAA component and its role


  • Continuation from session 2 / assuming single node is ready
  • Deployment of Orchestrator via MSI on secondary node behind Load balancer using command prompt (Passive mode installation)
  • Pre-requisites on Linux machines for installation of Redis
  • Deployment of HAA components or 3 Linux nodes to setup HAA cluster
  • Config changes in UiPath orchestrator to point to deployed HAA cluster DB

Post-deployment verification

  • HAA portal UI for monitoring redis cluster node and common troubleshooting commands on Linux.
  • HAA license update.
  • Redis cluster monitoring and alerting options.
  • Failover testing on Orchestrator primary and secondary nodes.


Recommended for Infra Engineers and system admins.