Test Automation Day 3 | LMS + Healthcare

Aug 3, 2023, 10:30 – 11:45 AM


Join us for Day 3 of UiPath Community Use Case Days with Test Automation

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About this event

UiPath Test Suite is a comprehensive testing platform designed to automate the testing of software applications developed using UiPath. This event aims to explore and expand the use cases of UiPath Test Suite, enabling participants to learn, collaborate, and discover innovative ways to leverage this powerful tool.

During this event, participants will be able to dive into various use cases of UiPath Test Suite which covers BFSI, Insurance, Retail, Pharma, HR, etc. and understand how it can be integrated into their software testing workflows. The event will feature interactive sessions, doubt clarification, and insightful presentations from industry experts, providing attendees with practical knowledge and real-world examples.

Key Highlights and use cases to be Covered:

1. Test Automation: Explore how UiPath Test Suite can be used to automate end-to-end testing scenarios, making sure the quality and reliability of software applications. Learn about building robust test cases, executing test suites, and generating comprehensive test reports.

2. Regression Testing: Discover how UiPath Test Suite can simplify regression testing by enabling the automation of repetitive test cases, reducing manual effort, and making sure consistent and accurate results across multiple software releases.

3. Data-Driven Testing: Learn how to leverage UiPath Test Suite's data-driven testing capabilities to test applications with a variety of input data sets. Understand how to create data-driven test cases, manage test data sources, and achieve efficient and effective testing.

By attending this event and exploring these use cases, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of UiPath Test Suite's capabilities and how it can be effectively applied to streamline software testing processes into different verticals, improve test coverage, and enhance overall application quality.  

📖Agenda Day 2 : (SAP)

  • Overview of Healthcare Testing with UiPath Test Suite
  • Kickstart your Healthcare testing journey with UiPath
  • Learning Management System Portal End to End Test Automation
  • Omni Channel Platform Testing with UiPath Test Suite

👨‍🦰Speaker: Test Suite Solution Engineer, UiPath | Gajanan Patil & Amit Sangle


  • Amit Sangle

    STEP OneStepAhead

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Gajanan Patil


    Automation Technical Lead | Pune Chapter Lead


  • Jeevan Koneti


    Principal Solutions Engineer

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APAC

  • Amit sangle

    STEP One Step Ahead LLP

    COO & Implementation Partner

  • Deepak Rai

    Boundaryless Group

    RPA Practice Head