Maximizing Business Value with UiPath Automation Hub

Sep 6, 2023, 7:30 – 8:30 AM


Join us for the 4-part series on RPA Business Analyst Foundation and start your journey into an exciting career as a Business Analyst

About this event

This topic focuses on UiPath Automation Hub and its strategic role in maximizing business value through effective automation management. Participants will explore how Automation Hub enables centralized automation governance, collaboration, and visibility across the organization. Key aspects covered include automation idea management, lifecycle tracking, collaboration among stakeholders, and leveraging pre-built automations from the Automation Store. By understanding Automation Hub's capabilities, participants will learn how to drive successful automation initiatives, accelerate time-to-value, and achieve enhanced operational efficiency. This topic is ideal for automation leaders, Center of Excellence members, and business stakeholders aiming to leverage Automation Hub to unlock the full potential of automation within their organizations.


  • Why Automation Hub?
  • Getting started with Automation Hub
  • Personas and User Roles in Automation Hub
  • Automation Ideas in Automation Hub
  • Submitting an Employee-Driven Automation Idea
  • Overview of the Automation Idea Lifecycle
  • Overview of the Automation Lifecycle
  • Idea Approval and Detailed Assessment
  • Maximizing Automation Hub as a Business User
  • Integration with Task Capture and Process Mining


  • Rajaneesh Balakrishnan



  • Daniel Melfa


    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Junaidy Laures

    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Andre Pereira


    Principal Sales Engineer


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