Leveraging Task Mining for Process Optimization and Automation

Aug 30, 2023, 7:30 – 8:30 AM


Join us for the 4-part series on RPA Business Analyst Foundation and start your journey into an exciting career as a Business Analyst

About this event

In this session, we'll explore UiPath Task Mining, a powerful automation discovery tool. Aimed at Process Analysts, Process Owners, Business Analysts, and other CoE roles, this course covers the fundamentals of Task Mining. By the end of the session, learners will be able to define Task Mining's value, deployment options, methods (Assisted & Unassisted), and understand when to use Unassisted Task Mining in comparison to other automation discovery tools. We'll also delve into project stages, data collection, analysis, result visualization, and exporting. Join us to gain insights into Task Mining and its role in driving automation development.


  • Introducing UiPath Task Mining
  • Understanding the users of Unassisted Task Mining
  • Exploring the stages of an Unassisted Task Mining project
  • Selecting user groups for your Task Mining project
  • Collecting data for analysis
  • Analyzing the collected data
  • Visualizing the results of Task Mining
  • Exporting the results using different export options


  • Rajaneesh Balakrishnan



  • Daniel Melfa


    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Junaidy Laures

    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Andre Pereira


    Principal Sales Engineer


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