Building Intelligent Document Automation with Generative AI: A developer's guide

Apr 4, 3:00 – 4:00 AM


Join us for the replay session from UiPath DevCon 2024 and learn about how to build intelligent document automation using Gen AI

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Automation DeveloperDocument UnderstandingIntermediate

About this event

Don’t miss this essential guide to seamlessly integrate intelligent Document Understanding capabilities into your automation workflows. The session gives insights on selecting the right Specialized AI and Generative AI capabilities in your document understanding solutions. Explore real-world examples, best practices, frameworks, and demos to elevate Document Understanding with Generative AI.

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  • Lahiru Fernando

    Boundaryless Automation

    Country Director & Senior Solution Architect, & UiPath MVP


  • Daniel Melfa


    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Junaidy Laures

    Pre Sales Technical Consultant

  • Andre Pereira


    Principal Sales Engineer