South Florida Chapter Relaunch and Open House

Friday, June 24, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC


Welcome to the relaunch of the UiPath South Florida Chapter. We are looking forward to meeting all those who are interested in learning about RPA or are currently using RPA technology.

About this event

Hey, welcome South Florida!

We're excited to announce the UiPath South Florida Chapter is back! This will be our first official chapter meeting of 2022, where we’ll be able to network with one another and plan our future meetings and content. Ideally, we’ll meet every 1–2 months to keep the conversations and collaboration flowing. We welcome all ideas to make this chapter as fun, entertaining, and informative as possible.

For this inaugural session, we'll be covering the following:

• An introduction for each of us attending

• A look at UiPath’s 2022 Roadmap and new releases

• Networking with other attendees

• Your ideas for future topics, times, and locations

Feel free to share the invite with your UiPath & automation counterparts, so they too can benefit from our Community.

Hope to see you on June 24th!