South Florida Chapter Presents Citizen Developer

Sep 1, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


Join us on September 1st to learn more about Citizen Developer!

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About this event

Thinking about starting a Citizen Developer initiative in your organization?  Already started a Citizen Developer program and looking to extend it?

Join us on September 1st for a discussion on Citizen Developer and how to expand it in your organization.  

We'll cover the following Citizen Development topics:

  • What is a Citizen Developer?
  • Three Types of Personas in a Citizen Model
  • Why Implement a Citizen Developer Program
  • Citizen Development Program Structure
  • Governance


  • Sebastian Villalobos

    RPA Developer


  • Cortney Dominguez

    RPA Strategic Consultant

  • Tracy Dixon

    Centric Consulting

    Operational Excellence & UiPath Partnership Lead


  • Tracy Dixon

    Centric Consulting

    Operational Excellence Partnership Lead

  • Cortney Dominguez

    RPA Consultant

  • Jansen Pennock

    Centric Consulting


  • Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath

  • Andres Quesada

    RPA Solutions Architect