Boost Your Customer Experience with RPA and Conversational AI

South Florida
Tue, Aug 18, 2020, 12:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Many businesses responsible for running contact centers have seen a decline in customer satisfaction and productivity, despite record levels of investment in customer experience tools and solutions. Join UiPath and Uniphore contact center experts to learn more about how Conversational AI and automation are delivering benefits in the contact center.

Highlights will include:

- How UiPath enables automation in the contact center

- The role of Uniphore’s Conversational AI automation platform in the contact center

- Demo of Conversational AI and automation for a common contact center use case

By combining Conversational AI with robotic process automation, you can achieve end-to-end automation for customers and employees. For example:

- Rapidly bring Conversational AI into the contact center: You can delight customers by fulfilling their requests end-to-end with integrated Conversational AI that offers your agents sentiment analysis, guidance, and next best actions during the call.

- Natural language understanding and processing: Customers and contact center agents interact using natural language to process requests. UiPath robots can be triggered automatically within Uniphore, which in turn increases operational efficiency.

- Add empathy to your conversations: We will demonstrate how sentiment analysis in Conversational AI and automation can help your agents add empathy to your conversations.

UiPath is a leading hyperautomation platform that helps organizations with process discovery, optimization and automation.

Uniphore is a global AI company that helps enterprise organizations improve the customer experience through real-time Conversational Automation & Analytics.

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