How to test anything within your enterprise using UiPath Test Suite?

Thursday, April 27, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 AM UTC


Enterprise Testing requires a test management tool that is lightweight, open, flexible, customizable, and seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem. UiPath Test Manager was designed to make automation accessible, whether you are using ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager, Jira and/or Azure DevOps, adapting to your way of working.

About this event

Today, Enterprises adopt and use RPA to automate their business processes. The operational efficiency and ROI are significantly impacted in production when the robot is having any issues in automating business processes. This leads to difficulty in scaling automation due to high maintenance. When Automation stops working - Manual efforts are high, disrupts business, leads to unplanned maintenance, and drives down ROI. When the number of business processes automated is high, the volume of RPA solutions created, and number of robots are also significantly high. 

An effective and proactive testing process using UiPath Test Suite is necessary for testing the Robots, testing each application to ensure robust RPA implementations.


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Difference between RPA Testing and Applications Testing

CI/CD Testing (Continuous Testing)