Part # 2: Understand selectors, recordings & automating web applications

Saturday, October 3, 2020, 6:30 – 8:00 AM UTC

Part#2 of this series will help you understand what are selectors, recordings and automating web applications.

About this event

This meet-up series is for you to help you develop your RPA Developer Foundation Understanding.

In this Part 2 of the series you will learn:

1) How to use Selector

2) How to fetch the data with the help of data scraping and screen scraping and when to use what

3) Different types of Recording in UiPath

4) How to automate web applications

After this event:

1) You will be able to automate web-based application

2) This session will give you the knowledge of different techniques while automating web applications

Check the recording for Study Jam - Part # 1: Understand Variables, Data Type and Control Flows
RSVP for Study Jam - Part # 3: Understand building reusable workflows, Excel, PDF & Email automation


  • Deepak Rai


    Technology Expert

  • Priyanka Bhalere


    RPA Developer


  • Vibhor Shrivastava


    Global Community Advocacy Manager

  • Basavadarshan G N


    Program Manager - Industry Enablement


  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ

  • Cristina Vidu


    Global Manager, Marketing Community

  • Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath

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