Business Analyst Series 2023 - Week 4 Session 8

Dec 6, 3:00 – 4:30 PM


Join us for week 4 training sessions of the Business Analyst Webinar Series 2023! Please see agenda below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

About this event

Business Analyst Series 2023 Week 4 - session 8 topics covered:

  • Demo Day Projects Overview
  • Use Case of the lifecycle of an automation idea using UiPath Automation Hub
  • Best practices you should consider
  • Quiz
  • Q & A

Please see below the week 4 mandatory UiPath Academy learning assignment (to be completed by Sunday EoD):

Business Analyst Series 2023 - Week 4 Topics Covered:

1. UiPath Automation Hub Overview (30m) 

2. The Lifecycle of an Automation Idea in UiPath Automation Hub (2hr 20m) 

3. Automation Business Analyst Foundation Assessment (30m) 

After UiPath Academy course completion please fill in the week 4 form. This week you must also complete the assessment.


  • Andrei Vintila

    UiPath, Inc.

    Senior Product Manager

  • Tracy Dixon

    Centric Consulting

    Operational Excellence & UiPath Partnership Lead

  • Mukesh Kala


    RPA Manager & UiPath MVP


  • Diana Gray

    UiPath, Inc.

    Community Marketing Manager – Americas

  • Manjula Dharmalingam

    The Next Innings


  • Aswathy Suresh

    UiPath, Inc.

    Program Manager, Academic Alliance


  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ

  • Cristina Vidu


    Global Manager, Marketing Community

  • Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath

  • Mukesh Kala


    RPA Manager (Boundaryless) | UiPath MVP

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