Test Suite.102 - Practical tips for the new implementation.

Oct 27, 2022, 9:30 – 10:30 AM


If you know what the UiPath Test Suite is capable of, you probably want it - very much ;) Join us to learn a few practical tips on how to implement the UiPath Test Suite for organisations that are already using the UiPath Platform. We will show you how quickly and effortlessly, Test Suite can be deployed on top of existing, live, automations. 

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About this event

This event is all about deploying the UiPath Test Suite to the organisations that already use the UiPath Platform. 

During the event, we will share a few practical tips on how to:

- Modularize existing workflows to make the creation of test cases easier and testing more granular

- Create test cases with minimum impact to existing automations

- Separate (if necessary) test automations and production automations

- Reduce SIT/UAT effort in situations where only test case logic changes

- Ensure the right robots are used to run production cases and test cases

- Minimize amount of testing artifacts published to production tenants

We will also answer your questions and listen to your comments. 

See you there!


  • Tomasz Gaczynski


    RPA Presales Manager


  • Tomasz Gaczynski


    RPA Presales Manager

  • Wei Wang


    PreSales Engineer


  • Tomasz Gaczynski


    RPA Presales Manager

  • Rajaneesh Balakrishnan


    Intelligent Automation Manager

  • Sean Llanto

    Ingram Micro

    Solutions Architect