Introduction to UiPath Test Suite: Automation Testing Made Easy

May 13, 2023, 8:00 – 10:00 AM


Join us for the virtual meetup on UiPath Test Suite and learn how you can make your automation testing easy

Test Suite

About this event

UiPath Test Suite is a powerful tool that enables developers and testers to easily create, manage, and execute automated tests for UiPath workflows. The Test Suite offers a complete end-to-end testing solution, from test design and creation to test execution and reporting. With the UiPath Test Suite, developers can quickly and easily test their workflows to ensure that they are functioning as expected.

In this virtual meetup, we'll provide an overview of the UiPath Test Suite and its various components. We'll demonstrate how the Test Suite can be used to create and execute automated tests for UiPath workflows, including both UI and API tests. We'll also cover how to integrate the Test Suite with other tools, such as Azure DevOps.


1. Introduction to UiPath Test Suite

  • Overview of the Test Suite and its components
  • Benefits of using the Test Suite for automated testing

2. Creating and Managing Automated Tests with UiPath Test Suite

  • Creating test cases and test suites
  • Managing test data and configurations

3. Executing Tests with UiPath Test Suite

  • Running tests locally and in the cloud
  • Integrating with other testing tools

4. Reporting and Analysis with UiPath Test Suite

  • Reviewing test results and reports
  • Analyzing test data and identifying issues

5. Q&A Session

  • Opportunity for attendees to ask questions and discuss their experiences with UiPath Test Suite.

By the end of this virtual meetup, attendees will have a clear understanding of how to use the UiPath Test Suite to automate testing for UiPath workflows. They will also have the opportunity to connect with other UiPath users and learn from their experiences.


  • Pathrudu Chintakayala

    Yash Technologies

    Associate Technical Architect

  • Vinay Reddy

    CognitBotz Solutions

    Senior RPA Developer, Founder & CEO - CognitBotz Solutions


  • Tomasz Gaczynski


    RPA Presales Manager

  • Rajaneesh Balakrishnan


    Intelligent Automation Manager

  • Sean Llanto

    Ingram Micro

    Solutions Architect