Exception Handling

Jul 31, 2023, 2:30 – 4:00 PM


Join this session under Automation Vidyalaya training series to know how to handle exceptions in a process automated the help of UiPath Studio.


About this event

During automating a process we need to keep an eye on the potential exceptions, that may come. To handle those exceptions, we need to know the exception-handling procedure, tips, and tricks. This session will describe exception-handling techniques activities.

👤 Who Should Attend?

  • Students
  • Academic Professionals
  • Freshers in the Industry
  • RPA Developers
  • Working Professionals Having a Cross-skilling Mindset

💡 Session Topics:

  • Identify and differentiate between the different types of exceptions.

  • Describe the common exception-handling techniques and explain when they should be used.
  • Use the TryCatch, Throw, and Rethrow activities in your automation projects.
  • Use the Retry Scope activities in your automation projects.
  • Describe the ContinueOnError Property.
  • Use the Global Exception Handler in both attended and unattended scenarios. 


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Familiarization with UiPath Studio session 
  • Variables Arguments & Imports session


  • Mustak Rased

    EY GDS

    Lead Consultant


  • Sukla Barman

    EY GDS

    Software Engineer


  • Apurba Samanta

    EY GDS

    Technical Lead


  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ

  • Apurba Samanta

    EY GDS

    Software Engineer @ EY-GDS