Workshop # 1 - ICStar Hackathon 2021 - UiPath Studio and Orchestrator

Sat, Jul 3, 2021, 10:00 AM (WIB)

Please join this invite-only workshop for ICStar Hackathon 2021 participants which will help you understand all about UiPath Studio and Orchestrator.

About this event

This invite-only workshop for ICStar Hackathon 2021 participants will help you understand all about UiPath Studio and Orchestrator.



Introduction of UiPath and RPA

  • Components of UiPath and their Working.
  • Orchestrator
  • Assistant

 Explore Studio

  • The User Interface Introduction (UiPath Studio)
  • Workflow Designer Panels
  • Download/Manage Packages
  • Types of Workflow (10 min)
  • Sequence
  • Flowchart
  • State Machine

UiPath Variable

  • Types of Variables i. Integer ii. Text iii. Boolean iv. Array v. Data Table vi. DateTime vii. Generic Value
  • Managing Variables (Create, edit and remove)
  • Browsing for .Net Variable Types
  • UiPath Arguments (10 Min)
  • Types of Arguments i. In ii. Out iii. In Out
  • Managing Arguments (Create, edit and remove)
  • Convert Variable to Argument
  • Invoke Workflow File Activity

Control Flow Activities Overview

  • Assign Activity
  • Delay Activity
  • If Activity
  • Flow Decision Activity
  • Nested If
  • While Activity
  • Do While Activity
  • Switch Activity
  • Flow Switch Activity
  • For Each Activity

 UiPath Recording 

  • Basic Recording
  • Desktop Recording
  • Web Recording
  • About Selector
  • Selector with Wildcards
  • Full Selector Vs Partial Selector
UI Elements
  • Input Methods
  • Output Method
Excel Automation 
  • Read Range Activity
  • Write Range Activity
  • Excel Application Scope
  • Excel Activities Vs Workbook Activities


  • Basic Orchestrator
  • Types of Robots - Attended, Non-Attended, Non-Production and Development Robots
  • Publish Project to Orchestrator
  • Deploy Process to Orchestrator
  • Upload a Package to Orchestrator
  • Manage Package Version in Orchestrator
  • Start a Job from Orchestrator
  • Triggers - Time / Queue Triggers



Saturday, Jul 3
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (WIB)


  • Vibhor Shrivastava

    Vibhor Shrivastava


    Global Community Advocacy Manager


  • Michael Antoni

    Michael Antoni

    PreSales Engineer at UiPath

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  • Vibhor Shrivastava

    Vibhor Shrivastava


    Regional Community Manager - APAC

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  • Kartika Sari

    Kartika Sari

    PT Drife Solusi Integrasi


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  • Sydney Rajaneesh

    Sydney Rajaneesh


    Intelligent Automation Manager

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  • Sean Llanto

    Sean Llanto

    Ingram Micro

    Solutions Architect

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