Mastering UiPath Orchestrator: Efficient Automation Management Tool

Dec 7, 2:30 – 4:00 PM


Join this 4th session under Advance Automation Developer series 2.0 to learn more about UiPath Orchestrator and kick start your journey as advanced RPA Developer.

About this event

This is the fourth session under the Advance Automation Developer 2.0 training series.

👤 Who Should Attend?

  • RPA Developers
  • Working Professionals who having a Cross-skilling Mindset.

💡 Session Topics:

  • Introduction to Orchestrator: Understand the importance and the key benefits of Orchestrator
  • Orchestrator Overview: Understand about orchestrator entities and what are they meant for, and difference in tenant context and folder context.
  • Modern Folders: Learn the benefits of Modern Folder and how it is different from classic folders
  • Attended Robots vs Unattended Robots: Difference between Attended and Unattended robots and their uses.
  • Robot provisioning: Learn about creating, configuring and provisioning of robots in orchestrator.
  • Assets: Learn about assets and the ways of creating them.
  • Queues: Learn about queues in orchestrator and how to use them along with studio. Also, understand the difference between queues and transactions.
  • Triggers, Monitors and SLAs: Learn multiple ways to trigger a process in Orchestrator and the steps to monitor the Orchestrator jobs
  • Publish the workflow to Orchestrator : Gain insights on publishing the studio workflow to Orchestrator.
  • Storage Buckets: Learn how to access the files across the different automations using Storage Buckets


RPA Developer or RPA Development knowledge


  • Netra Singhal

    HCL Technologies

    Lead Engineer


  • Padmaja Vemula


    RPA Lead

  • Bhavani Munaga


    Senior RPA Developer


  • Nikhilesh Sathyavarapu


    Associate Manager & UiPath Official Chapter Lead


  • Vibhor Shrivastava


    Regional Community Manager - APAC

  • Nikhilesh Sathyavarapu


    Assistant Manager - Chapter Lead Hyderabad

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APAC


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