Document Understanding - Building and Training Custom Models | In-person meetup

Saturday, August 13, 2022, 5:00 – 7:00 AM UTC


We are back with another in-person meet-up, in this session get to know about Document Understanding - Building and Training Custom Models.

About this event

Salam Hyderabad, Andaru ela unnaru..

We are back with another interesting In person meetup 

Must haves for attending meetup:

1. Fully Vaccinated COVID Certificate

2. Govt approved Photo ID (Aadhar/PAN/DL/Passport)

3. Mandatory to wear masks during the course of the meetup.
How to reach the venue: 
  1. Reach Wipro Circle - Financial Dist.
  2. Enter to Q City - complete the security check
  3. Enter to B - Block, 4th Floor, Jade Global.

Document Understanding - Building and Training Custom Models:-

By the end of this session, you will be able to take out of the box ml solutions of document understanding and train the model to process any kind of document. 


1. Setting up ML model for document processing from scratch.

2. Preparing dataset for training ML model.

3. Data Labelling for model training.

4. Preparing ML Pipelines for training.

5. Training the model for document processing.

6. Deploying ML Skill.

7. Using deployed ML skill for document processing.

8. Performing validation from action center for extracted information

- Please do RSVP, If you seriously join's the in-person meetup, due to limited seat availability  (will have RVSP opportunity who really joins the meetup) 

- To join the session, please RSVP before 12th Aug and carry a valid COVID Vaccination Certificate.
- For any queries, reach out to Nikhilesh : 7767077515


5:00 AMIntro
5:15 AMTech Session
6:15 AMQ&A
6:30 AMNetworking