Participate in the UiPath HyperHack

August 2, 2020, 11:00 PM UTC – September 3, 2020, 10:45 PM UTC


You’re invited to build the future of automation with us in our pre-DevCon hackathon: UiPath HyperHack

About this event

During this virtual contest, you’ll develop end-to-end solutions that stretch the boundaries of how the UiPath platform is used. Going beyond automation and embracing hyperautomation to solve real, impactful business challenges is what HyperHack is all about.

We challenge you to use at least three of the below UiPath products in your project:

• Task Capture
• StudioX
• Document Understanding
• AI Fabric
• Action Center
• Insights

Note: We assume you’ll implicitly use Studio, Studio Pro, Robots, Assistant, or Orchestrator in your projects, and therefore they’re not considered in the above list. You can also use our partner technologies to supplement your automation ideas e.g. Chatbots, APIs, etc. Download enterprise version of the software HERE.

Find out more about the entire and extend your knowledge and expertise on UiPath Academy. Stay connected with us on the dedicated UiPath Forum group where you can ask questions, get support from mentors, and gather feedback on your idea. 

How to Participate

Submission Guidelines

The submission deadline is August 19, 2020. If you’re submitting as a team rather than as an individual, then you only need to fill in one submission form per team. The entire idea doesn’t need to be fully implemented; however, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges. Your submission must include the following in order to be considered for the final round: Submit project here

• PDD (Process Design Document)
• Project files/workflow
• Presentation (no longer than 10 slides)
• Solution video (not more than 10 minutes)
• Additional scripts (if applicable)

Rules and Regulation:

• The idea that you’re submitting must not be available as a solution or component on the UiPath Marketplace. (However, you may extend an existing solution, for example, a connector for Salesforce but with enhanced functionalities beyond the connector already available in the Marketplace.)
• You can join as an individual or in teams of a maximum of 4 people. When submitting, only one of you will submit the final projects to be assessed.
See the full T&C


  • 1st Place - Vouchers - $5000    🥇
  • 2nd Place - Vouchers - $3000  🥈
  • 3rd Place - Vouchers - $2000    🥉
  • Most Innovative Solution - Vouchers  - $500 
  • Swag for all the finalists who pitch their solution 

Key Dates: 

August 3, 2020: Hackathon begins!
August 17, 2020: Last day to register for the hackathon by 11:59 PST
August 19, 2020: Deadline to submit a functional demo of your idea or solution is 11:59 PM PST
August 24, 2020: Selected teams will be notified about their acceptance to the final round
September 3, 2020: Winners are announced during the closing ceremony of UiPath DevCon

Judging Criteria:

  • Concept 15% - We’ll evaluate your idea to see if it is disruptive or innovative while adding value to enterprise business
  • Technology 30% – We'll evaluate your solution on how effectively and efficiently you’ve used UiPath products, and if you’ve integrated with ecosystem of other technologies
  • Impact 20% - We want to see the overall impact of your idea. Is it far-reaching, does it have the potential of widespread use across customers
  • Presentation 15% - We will check if you have well-defined problem statement, how have you articulated your solution and if your presentation is precise
  • Feasibility 20% - How likely that the solution built is going to be adopted in the market.


• Task Capture: 
• StudioX:  & Academy Course 
• Document Understanding:  & Academy Course 
• AI Fabric:  & Academy Course 
• Action Center: 
• Insights: & Academy Course

📌 Got questions? Need help? We’re here for you. Please post your questions here 



August 2 – September 3, 2020
11:00 PM – 10:45 PM UTC


11:00 PMRegister & develop your solution