Participate in the UiPath HyperHack - 20.10 Product Release

Oct 19, 2020, 7:00 AM – Dec 16, 2020, 7:45 PM


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We’re streamlining the way community developers bring automation ideas to life, inviting you to be contributors to the way automations are built.

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About this event

Custom Activity As we continue to grow and nurture our global UiPath Community, we’re continuously looking for ways to better engage. We’re streamlining the way community developers bring automation ideas to life, inviting you to continue to be a contributor to the way automations are built.

For this HyperHack, we have 4 categories that give you more opportunities to be a champion in UiPath's growing products.  As a participant, you can build a solution in more than one category, building out a solution based on the associated brief, submit your comprehensive solution, and provide continuous and constructive feedback on all aspects throughout the duration of the hackathon.

❓How to Participate: 

⬜ Check out all four categories
⬜ Check Rule & Regulations
⬜ Register on or before 18th November 
⬜ Design your solution as per judging criteria to gain maximum points 
⬜ Submit solution before on or before 20th Nov 

1️⃣st category - AI Fabric + Document Understanding (DU)  + Action Center

In this category, we challenge you to use any combination of AI Fabric, Document Understanding, & Action Center within your project.

If you are planning to use AI Fabric (Request Trial if using AI Fabric 1st time ) prominently, here is what a good AI Fabric solution would be:

  • Use an ML model, either UiPath out-of-the-box models or models developed by participants, in a popular RPA workflow, in a certain business sector, i.e., financial services, healthcare, public sector, etc.
  • Use AI Fabric’s human validation and retraining capabilities

If you are planning to use Document Understanding prominently, here is what a good DU solution would be:

  • Show a wide range of documents you are able to classify and extract data from using different DU components
  • Chain output from DU with inputs for AI models (like a model for decision or recommendation, etc.)
  • Show creativity with how to involve human inputs from DU/ AI Fabric efforts in Classification/Validation Station or custom interfaces (like apps, emails)
  • Build or bring your own components for digitization, classification, extraction

If you are planning to use Action Center prominently, here is what a good Action Center solution would be:

  • Automation of longer processes which requires human input or validation at different points.
  • Showcase use of Action center, Validation station for Document Understanding
  • Ability to use Action Center to re-train ML models used in AI Fabric
  • Ability to use file attachments as input to an action created by robot or file attachment to trigger an unattended process

2️⃣nd category -  Apps + Data Services

We challenge you to use our latest introduction and show how quickly you have got a grip on our technology.

If you are planning to use Apps prominently, you should build:

  • An interface on top of attended/unattended process
  • A modern app that replaces and streamlines existing legacy work
  • A single interface layer which hides the complexity of multiple underlying systems

If you are planning to use Data Services prominently, a good sample solution would be:

  • To show how Data Service can reduce the number of variables that are needed to work within Studio and allow rich inter-workflow scenarios
  • Store, manage, and integrate data in automation solutions using Data Service instead of local files or file shares or SharePoint.

Please look at the common use cases we talk about Data Service -

3️⃣rd category - UiPath Assistant + Custom Activities

In this category, we challenge you to build integrations using UiPath SDKs at enterprise standards. UiPath offers multiple SDKs to help you build custom integrations to commonly used systems. Use either UiPath Assistant or build custom activities from the list:

UiPath Assistant - choose one

Custom Activities - choose one

*Most useful solution from UiPath Assistant & Custom Activities (Widget, trigger, etc.) will be published to the Marketplace 

4️⃣th category - ChatBots

We want you to showcase your skill and creativity!

Chatbots have been popular of late and are widely being utilized and Conversational AI is often considered to be the next BIG technological breakthrough. This is your opportunity to create automation scenarios using the combination of the DRUID chatbot and UiPath robots and demonstrate how your solution can help reshape how we communicate. This category is primarily for creating chatbots, automating conversational processes, and solving real-world scenarios.

You must demonstrate how a request from an end-user can be fulfilled end-to-end using the combination of chatbot and our robots. 

❗Rules and Regulations:

• The idea that you’re submitting must not be available as a solution or component on the UiPath Marketplace, won in previous UiPath  / UiPath sponsored Hackathons. (However, you may extend an existing solution, for example, a connector for Salesforce but with enhanced functionalities beyond the connector already available in the Marketplace.)
• You can join as an individual or in teams of a maximum of 4 people. When submitting, only one of you will submit the final projects to be assessed.
See the full T&C 

🎯Submission Guidelines

The submission deadline is November 20, 2020. If you’re submitting as a team rather than as an individual, then you only need to fill in one submission form per team. The entire idea needs to be fully functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges. Your submission must include the following in order to be considered for the final round: Submit project here

• PDD (Process Design Document)
• Project files/workflow
• Presentation (no longer than 10 slides)
• Solution video (not more than 7 minutes)
• Additional scripts (if applicable)


Within Each Category: 
  • 1st Place - Vouchers - $2000    🥇
  • 2nd Place - Vouchers - $1000  🥈

Other Outstanding Prizes:

  • Most Innovative Solution - Vouchers  - $1000
  • Participation certification & surprise goodie for all the finalists who pitch their solution 

*Note: You can be a winner in a maximum of 2 categories. Your solution must not be the same solution if participating in multiple categories.

📅Key Dates: 

  • 19th October - Hackathon begins!
  • 18th November - Last date for registration for the hackathon
  • 20th November - Last date for submitting a functional demo of your idea/solution
  • 29th November - Selected teams to be notified for the next rounds on or before for final round
  • 2nd December: 1st & 2nd Category (7 AM-9 AM PST / 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM IST) 
  • 3rd December:  3rd & 4th Category (7 AM-9 AM PST / 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM IST)
  • 16th December - Winners will be announced 

👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️Judging Criteria:

  • Concept 20% - We’ll evaluate your idea to see if it is disruptive or innovative while adding value to enterprise business

  • Technology 25% – We'll evaluate your solution on how effectively and efficiently you’ve used UiPath products, and if you’ve integrated with the ecosystem of other technologies
  • Impact 25% - We want to see the overall impact of your idea. Is it far-reaching, does it have the potential of widespread use across customers
  • Presentation 15% - We will check if you have a well-defined problem statement, how have you articulated your solution, and if your presentation is precise
  • Completion 15% - How complete is the solution? Have you delivered what you wanted too? You need to be realistic about what can be accomplished in the time frame. 


📌 Got questions? Need help? We’re here for you. Stay connected with us on the dedicated UiPath Forum group here 


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