AI at Work Hackathon | Bengaluru [24 hours]πŸš€

Nov 25, 2023, 1:30 AM – Nov 26, 2023, 6:30 AM

UiPath Robotic Process Automation, Palace Road, Bengaluru, 560001


Bring on your innovative AI + Automation ideas and make them real alongside with us!

About this event

AI at Work Hackathon 2023, Bengaluru is now open for registration as the first UiPath Community in-person hackathon in 3 years!
This year, we invite you to bring on your innovative ideas around how you see AI Powered Automation enhancing the overall work processes experience.

πŸ‘‰ Some themes for you to explore for Ideation:

  • Improving productivity and efficiency using AI at Work
  • AI at Work, improving the customer/end user experience.
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants using AI at Work
  • Improving the health and safety of employees using AI at Work
  • Predictive Maintenance using AI in Automation
  • Any other ideas you'd like to solve using UiPath AI products.

AI at Work Hackathon 2023 will be organized in two phases:

πŸš€Phase 1: Ideation (Virtual) [Registrations extended till November 7 11.59PM IST]

During this phase, we're interested in understanding your strategy for developing a solution to the chosen problem/business opportunity. Our team of experts from the community will evaluate your ideas based on the uniqueness, innovation, and potential impact of the problem being solved. The top teams shortlisted from this phase will be invited for the LIVE In-person Hackathon. In the registration form, you'll be required to complete the following fields. Please note that each of the proposed team members must register separately.

  • Team details (name, leader, members)
    ❗ Teams can be formed of maximum 4 members. 
  • Problem statement/opportunity identified (text/descriptive)
  • Solution idea in detail (text/descriptive)
UiPath products used in the proposed solution
❗ You need to use at least 1 of the following products as part of your solution:
  1. AI Center
  2. Document Understanding
  3. Clipboard AI
  4. Task Mining
  5. Communications Mining 
  6. Integration Service (Gen AI components like OpenAI, Vortex or others)
  7. Large language models (LLMs)
  • Primary industries where this solution will be applicable

πŸ“₯ To start registering NOW click on the above πŸ–± Register Button in main event

πŸš€Phase 2: Prototyping [LIVE 24hrs In-person Hackathon at UiPath, Prestige Trade Tower, Bengaluru]
⏰ Date: November 25 | 7:00 am to November 26 | 12:00 pm)

The shortlisted teams will be invited to the LIVE Hackathon to create a functional prototype solution for the selected problem. The shortlisted teams will have to build the solutions from scratch at the LIVE hackathon.

🚩 At the in-person hackathon you'll be able to:

  • Access a large pool of UiPath experts (Technical & Industry experts) throughout the hackathon, whom you can reach out to for guidance or inputs to build and improve your solution
  • Learn from your peers and other teams through networking
  • UiPath Swag for all shortlisted participants 🎁
  • Some fun activities to spice things up. 🎊πŸ₯³

πŸ“† Important Dates to Remember:

  • October 18: Open registrations
  • November 7: Registration & Idea submission deadline
  • November 15: Announcing shortlisted participants for the LIVE Hackathon
  • November 25: AI at Work Hackathon LIVE at UiPath, Bengaluru

πŸ€–πŸ‘½ Who can participate?

Individuals or teams can participate. Teams can be made up of a maximum of 4 people.

Examples of people who should participate,

  • Automation Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architect
  • Engineers
  • Testers
  • Freelancers

πŸ› βš™ How to Participate:

  • Check rules & regulations below.
  • Register with your idea on or before November 7, 2023.
  • Watch our for the finalist announcement by November 15, 2023. (The ideas will be shortlisted based on the impact, feasibility, and innovation)
  • Once you are a finalist, you need to build the solution LIVE during the hackathon in Bengaluru on November 25. Virtual participation isn’t an option as this is an in-person hackathon.

βš½πŸ“„ Rules and Regulations:

  • Teams can have a maximum of 4 people.
  • If you are participating as a team, identify your Team Lead. Everyone in the team needs to register separately for the Hackathon. Only Team Leads need to submit the Problem Statement and solution details. 
  • Once selected as a finalist, you need to build the POC/prototype of the idea that you are proposing LIVE during the hackathon.
  • The idea you're submitting must not be available as a solution or reusable component on the UiPath Marketplace. (However, you may extend an existing solution, for example, a connector for Salesforce, but with enhanced functionalities beyond the connector already available in the Marketplace.)
  • You can submit more than one idea as a team
  • See the full T&C

πŸ†πŸ₯‡ AI at Work Hackathon 2023 Award Vouchers:

  • 1st prize – $3,000
  • 2nd prize – $2,000
  • 3rd prize – $1,000
  • Special awards for 2 teams - $500 each

(The awards will be subject to tax deductions)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Are you new to AI in Automation or want to upskill yourself in AI? Want to get started on using or learning about AI Center, Document Understanding, Clipboard AI, AI Connectors? Register below and join us for the virtual trainings with Nisarg Kadam, UiPath MVP 2023 and AI Ambassador, where he deep dives into UiPath AI Capabilities:

We look forward to seeing your best ideas in action! And may the best teams WIN! πŸš€πŸ’₯πŸ›  Read the Ai at Work Hackathon 2023 Terms & Conditions here

β“βœ” Please post any queries that you might have on our dedicated FORUM THREAD. We'll respond to the thread ASAP, while you'll also be able to see and access all previous clarifications


  • Gautam Goenka


    VP, Software Engineering

  • Corina Gheonea


    Senior Director, Global Community


  • Nisarg Kadam


    MVP 2024

  • Sukesh Vanarasi


    Sr RPA Developer

  • Sudheer KVR


    Solution Architect

  • Pawan Rathore

    UiPath India

    Technical Account Manager

  • Ashraya Gowda


    Senior Sales Consultant

  • Ramprakasham Sharma


    Senior Automation Program Advisor

  • Himanshu Lilha


    Principal Product Manager

  • Rajath V


    Emerging Enterprise Executive

  • Rahul Kumar


    Solution Architect

  • Ayushya Jaiswal


    Senior Software Engineer


  • Vinay Kumar Allagadda


    Senior Director

  • Dinesh Sankaran


    Innovation Director

  • Corina Gheonea


    Senior Director, Global Community


  • Virat Gandhi


    Enterprise Sales Director

  • Vikneshraj SP


    Principal Software Engineer

  • Cosmin Postolica


    Principal Technical Program Manager

  • Florin Grigorescu


    Senior Technical Program Manager


  • Andreea Tomescu


    Senior Community Manager


  • Vibhor Shrivastava


    Global Community Advocacy Manager