Career Progression Webinar: Elevating your learning journey with UiPath

Dec 9, 2023, 5:30 – 6:30 AM


We are excited to invite you to an exclusive webinar that promises valuable insights into career opportunities, industry trends and further elevate your learning experience.


About this event

We are delighted to reach out to all the bright minds who have embarked on their UiPath journey through the Naan Mudhalvan course. Your dedication to learning and harnessing the power of Automation is truly commendable.

To support your aspirations and provide you with valuable insights, we are thrilled to announce our exclusive webinar for you.

Our distinguished panel of speakers includes experts with a wealth of experience in the automation industry. They will share invaluable insights, real world success stories and advice to help you make informed decisions about your career

Webinar Highlights

Unlocking Career Opportunities: Learn how automation can open doors to diverse and high-demand job roles across industries

Advanced UiPath Insights: Explore the world of advanced UiPath features and techniques that can set you apart in the field

Real-World Success Stories: Hear from the professionals who have leveraged automation skills for career growth

Q&A Session: Get your questions answered by our Student Champion and MVP

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  • Mukesh Kala

    RPA Manager at Boundaryless Group

    UiPath MVP

  • Palaniyappan P

    Novo Nordisk

    Solution Architect - IA COE

  • KrishnaKumar R

    St.Joseph's College Of Engineering


  • Sophia Nancy Benedict

    St.Joseph's Institute Of Technology



  • Harmeet Singh


    Community Operations Manager


  • Vibhor Shrivastava


    Global Community Advocacy Manager

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ

  • Mukesh Kala


    RPA Manager (Boundaryless) | UiPath MVP