Unleashing the force of AI-powered intelligent document processing

Jan 30, 2:30 – 4:00 PM


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Unleashing the power of AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing and Active Learning in Document Understanding

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Welcome to our very first UiPath Community Dubai meetup! Join us next Tuesday as we are opening up a brand new UiPath Community Chapter in Dubai and pining our first Middle East community presence on the map! πŸ“ŒπŸŒ
We have picked some of the hottest topics from the AI-powered Automation agenda to make sure you leave our session with worthy knowledge and food for thought:

πŸ“• Agenda:

  • Welcome note
  • Intelligent Document Processing in UiPath

UiPath Document Understanding is a feature that integrates with UiPath's RPA platform to streamline the extraction of information from documents.

1. 'Document Types': supports wide range document

2. 'Intelligent Data Extraction': Utilizes machine learning models for accurate extraction of structured data from unstructured documents.

3. Classifier and Extractor Activities: UiPath provides activities like the Document Classification and Data Extraction activities to train models and extract information.

4. Learning Scope: Allows the system to learn from human feedback, improving accuracy over time.

5. Validation Station: A user-friendly interface for reviewing and correcting extracted data, enhancing the learning process.

6. Integration with Orchestrator: Seamlessly integrates with UiPath Orchestrator for centralized management and monitoring of document processing.

7. Scalability: Scales to handle large volumes of documents, making it suitable for enterprises with diverse document processing needs.

UiPath Document Understanding enhances automation capabilities by making it easier to handle documents with varied formats and extract valuable information accurately.

  • Shape the future of Document Understanding with Extended Capabilities

Active learning is a next-gen AI-powered experience within UiPath Document Understanding. It is designed to drive 80% faster model training, decreasing the number of samples required when creating customer-specific models.

UiPath's Document Understanding, integrated with Active Learning, enables continuous improvement of machine learning models by leveraging human feedback. Let see the capability:

1. Human-in-the-Loop Learning: Active Learning involves human reviewers validating and correcting model predictions, providing feedback to improve accuracy.

2. Incremental Model Training: As the system receives feedback, it iteratively updates and refines the machine learning models, adapting to new patterns and variations in document structures.

3. Adaptive Data Learning: Active Learning helps the model focus on ambiguous or challenging cases, enhancing its ability to handle diverse document types.

4. Reduced Annotation Effort: By prioritizing uncertain or critical instances for human review, Active Learning minimizes the amount of labeled data needed for training.

5. Enhanced Accuracy Over Time: The system becomes more accurate as it learns from user interactions, resulting in improved document understanding and data extraction capabilities.

UiPath's incorporation of Active Learning in Document Understanding contributes to a more dynamic and adaptable approach to handling document processing tasks within automation workflows.


πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Lovely Sinha, UiPath MVP, UiPath Community Dubai Chapter Leader, Hyper-Automation Consultant @First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Ashraf El Zarka, Vice President and Managing Director, UiPath Middle East

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Sofiane Sahir, Principal Sales Engineer @UiPath


  • Sofiane Sahir


    Principal Sales Engineer

  • Ashraf El Zarka


    Vice President and Managing Director UiPath Middle East and Africa


  • Lovely Sinha

    First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

    HyperAutomation Consultant - Intelligent Automation & Emerging Technology & UiPath MVP

  • Cristina Vidu


    Global Manager Marketing Community


  • Cristina Vidu


    Global Manager, Marketing Community

  • Lovely Sinha

    First Abu Dhabi Bank

    Hyper Automation Consultant@First Abu Dhabi Bank