Career Talk Series: Session 1 - Transitioning from RPA to AI automation professionals.

Jan 10, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


This session aims to guide individuals through the process of transitioning from RPA to AI automation professionals.

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About this event

As the automation landscape evolves, professionals in RPA are presented with a unique opportunity to transition into roles that harness the power of AI.

This session aims to guide individuals through the process of transitioning from RPA to AI automation professionals. We will explore the key steps, challenges, and strategies involved in this transition, providing insights into unlocking new opportunities, and staying relevant in the dynamic field of intelligent automation.

This session covers:

Understanding the Evolution of Automation Technologies

  •  A brief exploration of the evolution from traditional automation to RPA and the current shift towards AI-driven automation.
  • The Role of RPA: Highlighting the strengths and limitations of RPA and its place in the broader spectrum of automation technologies.
  • Emergence of AI: Discussing how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping automation and the new possibilities it brings to streamline complex processes.

Navigating the Transition Process

  • Assessing Current Skills: Self-assessment for RPA professionals to identify transferable skills and areas for development.
  • Closing Skill Gaps: Strategies for acquiring the necessary skills in AI, machine learning, and other relevant domains.
  • Building a Holistic Skill Set: Emphasizing the importance of combining technical skills with a deep understanding of business processes for effective AI automation.

Seizing Opportunities in Intelligent Automation

  • Identifying Industry Trends: Exploration of current trends and demands in the AI automation job market.
  • Networking and Community Engagement: Leveraging professional networks and communities to stay informed and discover opportunities.
  • Showcasing Value: Strategies for demonstrating the value of RPA expertise in the context of AI automation, and how to position oneself for relevant roles.

This session aims to empower RPA professionals with the insights and strategies needed to navigate the evolving landscape of automation, seize new opportunities in AI-driven roles, and ensure a successful and fulfilling career transition.


  • Sharon Palawandram

    Ashling Partners

    Senior Machine Learning Consultant

  • Lahiru Fernando

    Boundaryless Automation

    Country Director & Senior Solution Architect, & UiPath MVP


  • Diana Gray

    UiPath, Inc.

    Senior Community Marketing Manager – AMER


  • Saideepak Kandibanda

    Dish Network

    RPA Manager & UiPath Chapter Leader

  • Sharon Palawandram

    Ashling Partners

    Sr. Machine Learning Consultant, Ashling Partners

  • Rashmi Pareek

    Victoria Secret & Co.

    Sr. RPA Developer

  • Diana Gray


    Community Marketing Manager, Americas, UiPath