Level-Up: Art of the Possible with AI-led Automation

May 30, 7:00 – 10:00 AM

JustCo – Samyan Mitrtown | Coworking & Office Space, 944 Thanon Rama IV, Bangkok, 10330


Join us for a 4-hour UiPath Community meetup to explore AI-led automation. Learn about UiPath's AI capabilities, including Document Understanding and Communications Mining. Enjoy a customer showcase, Q&A session, and networking. Ideal for developers and automation enthusiasts. Register to connect and grow!

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About this event

Hello champion,

Join us for an exciting and informative UiPath Community event designed to inspire and empower developers, automation enthusiasts, and business leaders with the latest in AI-led automation technology. This 4-hour meetup is packed with insightful sessions, demonstrations, and networking opportunities that will leave you with a deeper understanding of  AI capabilities and how you can leverage them to transform your automation projects.

Agenda Highlights:

- Introducing  AI Capabilities (30 mins)

- Discover innovative AI features, including Document Understanding, Communications Mining, Autopilot, AI Trust Layer, and the generative AI Roadmap.

- Learn how these capabilities are reshaping the automation landscape.

Speaker: Nisarg Kadam

- Exploring UiPath Document Understanding for Developers (45 mins)

- Dive into a use-case-driven demonstration of Document Understanding to process semi-structured and unstructured documents.

- Get practical tips on how to start using Document Understanding effectively, along with best practices.

Speaker : Kachaporn Jeravongaram & Marisa Kittiarpornphol

- Exploring Communications Mining for Developers (30 mins)

- Explore a real-world demonstration of how Communications Mining can be used to automate the processing of customer service emails.

- Understand the potential impact on customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Speaker: Noppakit Nawalikit

- Customer Showcase (30 mins)

- Hear from a UiPath customer who has successfully implemented AI-led automation in their organization.

- Learn about their journey, challenges, and results.

Speaker : TBD

- Getting Ready for the Next Generation of Automation (15 mins)

- Discover UiPath Academy training programs and new certification paths designed to keep you ahead in the automation space.

- Learn how to leverage the global Community to expand your knowledge and network.

Speaker : Nisarg Kadam

- Q&A (30 mins)

- Have your questions answered by UiPath experts and community leaders.

- Engage in interactive discussions about AI and automation.

- Networking (30 mins)

- Connect with fellow attendees, share insights, and explore collaboration opportunities.

- Build your professional network within the Community.

Whether you're new to UiPath or an experienced developer, this event offers valuable knowledge and connections. Register now to secure your spot and take the next step in your automation journey!


  • Kachaporn Jeravongaram


  • Marisa Kittiarpornphol


  • Nisarg Kadam


    MVP 2024

  • Noppakit Nawalikit


    Technical Consultant


  • Nisarg Kadam


    MVP 2024


  • Nisarg Kadam


    Technology Manager

  • Rohit Radhakrishnan


    Community Manager - APJ


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